Although you cannot buy alcohol on September 1st, the system is circumvented in a different way – merchants witness this every year

Although you cannot buy alcohol on September 1st, the system is circumvented in a different way – merchants witness this every year
Although you cannot buy alcohol on September 1st, the system is circumvented in a different way – merchants witness this every year

We remind you that since 2006 The Alcohol Control Law stipulates that every September 1 in stores it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages in shops, but in public catering establishments, nothing forbids customers to purchase and consume alcohol on this day. This is the sixteenth year that such a procedure has been in force in Lithuania.

“Usually August 31st. alcohol sales increase by about 30 percent compared to a normal day,” the portal said commented Vaida Budrienė, communication manager of the “Iki” shopping network.

According to the representative, customers are usually interested in various types of alcoholic beverages on this day. The most common choices are wine, sparkling wine and champagne.

Darius Ryliškis, the press representative of the “Norfa” shopping chain, also assured that on the eve of September 1, the total sales of alcoholic beverages will increase by up to 20%.

He emphasized that the activity of buyers and the purchase of alcohol also depends on the day of the week on which the Day of Science and Knowledge is celebrated. If it is a weekday, as it is this year, shopper activity is somewhat lower than if September 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

He also pointed out that sales increase precisely on the eve of September 1. Two or three days ago, people are not in a hurry to care about alcoholic beverages.

“On September 1, the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages has been in effect for many years. Customers have already gotten used to it, so as September 1 approaches, we do not notice a significant increase in sales.

This year, until August 30, we did not record sales growth at all, on the contrary – sales this week are lower compared to the same days last week,” – to the portal the observations were made by Ernesta Dapkienė, director of the Communication and Image Department of “Maxima”.

“Lidl Lietuva” refused to comment on the trends in the purchase of alcoholic beverages in this retail chain.

If you still want to celebrate the beginning of the school year with alcoholic beverages with friends or family, you will have to rush to get seats in cafes or restaurants on the holiday day. True, every year you have to fight for free tables, especially if the weather is good that day.

On the eve of September 1st, reserving a table in the city center or the old town can become a headache. After contacting several restaurants on Vilnius and Pilies Streets, we had to hear different answers.

The majority of restaurant representatives advise to reserve tables in advance, otherwise you may have to stand outside the door, so there are still places for those who want to have lunch or dinner. However, there are also catering establishments that do not accept advance reservations, because they expect that there will be a lively queue on a festive day.

In the restaurants located in the center of Kaunas, near the Town Hall Square, I heard a similar working principle – sometimes they don’t reserve tables, but in some places it can be done – you just have to call more than one bar or restaurant to get a place for a festive day.

In Klaipėda, the situation is still similar. In the restaurants lined up by the Dane River, you can still find free tables for reservations the night before, but the staff also advises that it is better to make a reservation in advance than to try your luck and get distracted on September 1st.

The Department of Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control notes that a number of positive changes have taken place since the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages on September 1. They are associated not only with the socially responsible attitude and behavior of business, but also with the increasing awareness of the population regarding alcohol consumption.

“According to the Institute of Hygiene, the number of alcohol poisoning cases on September 1 has been decreasing for the past year. In 2019, 18 cases were recorded, while in 2021, only 8 cases. The fact that in 2020 and 2021, not a single case of alcohol poisoning among minors was recorded is encouraging and hopeful. These positive changes allow us to conclude that an increasing number of residents are interested in a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of the use of psychoactive substances, therefore we encourage parents and young people to continue to be responsible, and we encourage business entities to comply.

On September 1, the department will pay special attention to the monitoring and supervision of places where alcoholic beverages are sold, therefore, in order to ensure proper compliance with the Law on Alcohol Control, on the day of science and knowledge, as on September 1 of every year, together with the police, it will monitor and supervise business entities”, – the report says.

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