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Rugpjučio 24-ojų su Russian invasion kovojanti Ukraina minės 31-ojųs Nepimuktuųs metines. In support of the solidarity event – “ARTBAT Vilniuje – Day of Independence in Ukraine” organized by the Naktinės economic associations “NaktA”, Vilnius miesto savivaldybės, Vilniaus kulturos centro bei Naktinės ekonomikos associações invites the White Bridge to the White Bridge.

Asmeninio album photo/8Kays

Approaching White Bridge from 5 p.m. The rhythm of techno music is irritating to the public, it is shocking to move beyond freedom and to show such an unconventional hut to the world, when no one will defeat the strong Ukrainian spirit, independence is inalienable – the world’s best known Ukrainian DJs: electronic music superstars – duets ARTBAT bei DJ 8Kays is Miss Monique.

“The 24th is a very important day for my country. Thirty years ago, Ukraine became an independent country. Together with ARTBAT, 8Kays is eagerly waiting for you!, – DJ Miss Monique invites you to the event in support of Ukraine.

Photo by Alinos Andreievas/Miss Monique_by Alina Andreieva_01

In support of the Independence Day in Ukraine, the “” fund and the “Music Saves UA” fund are preparing a 100,000 euro birthday gift for Independent Ukraine – from August 8. iki even linginino is because the goal is to collect aid for humanitarian aid to the people affected by the war.

Vilnius residents are guests of the capital, they are invited to transfer the desired amount of money, on the 24th of August, they will meet at the White Bridge.

“Moral support for Ukraine today is just as important as humanitarian and military aid. Dance music can help people to express their emotions. By shaking the card, we will show the Ukrainians that we support them, we will show the world that the Vilnius people are already free and independent Ukraine”, – says Markas Adamas Haroldas, one of the organizers of the event, the chairman of the board of the NaktA economic association “NaktA”.

Asmeninio archivo nuotr./ARTBAT

Asmeninio archivo nuotr./ARTBAT

Paramos rengīnī trēsīdienio pāvakare will begin 8Kays – producer, DJ and event organizer Iryna Shvydka came from Kyjivo. Constantly looking for self-improvement, the public is delighted with the authenticity of deep, intriguing sounds of progressive music – 8Kays works are among the best Progressive house Beatport kūriniių šimtuką bei skamba nuo Kyjivo iki Łiņiųs maļļaņas festivalių, taši kaip Tomorrowland, Untold is Burning Man.

Judėti ryginino důbųkivus kvies is one of the fastest growing Progressive House DJs in the world, the most recognized representative of this genre in Europe – Miss Monique has led 31-year-old Alesia Arkusha from Ukraine to the capitals. Išgaršėjusi suprųindama old school with an unprecedented conversion of classic radio mixes into YouTube network broadcasts, the girl plays eclectic trance, progressive house and techno mixes that have millions of views. Its performance will delight more than 40 countries of the world, and there are more and more of them – from small-scale, nice parties in Ibiza to the world’s most famous festivals, such as Untold with ADE.

Asmeninio archivo nuotr./Artbat

Asmeninio archivo nuotr./Artbat

As the sun sets, the famous duo ARTBAT will play at the DJ console near Baltojo bridge. Two friends from Kyjivo suburbs, Artur, is Batish’s creation, the musical space of musical tandems is the most interesting thing in electronic music today – melodious, deep progressive, atmospheric technoexcited minimal-techno is rhythmic filled with tight bass and original vocal parts tech-house. The boys’ passion for music has turned them into club culture in a short period of time, turning them into world-famous stars, whose performances have graced the most famous music festivals in the world, such as: Awakenings in Holland, Fusion Festival in Germany, Warung Day in Brasilia, EDC USA is in Asia, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Loveland in Holland, Hi Ibiza is in many others, the public.

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