EU sanctions against Russia applied to a certain Kaunian: he is considered a war criminal due to the false accusations

EU sanctions against Russia applied to a certain Kaunian: he is considered a war criminal due to the false accusations
EU sanctions against Russia applied to a certain Kaunian: he is considered a war criminal due to the false accusations

39-year-old Kaunian Sergėjus Kozlovas was born and grew up in Kaunas, in this city he works as a Russian language mokytoju. Men noticed this summer when they don’t get paid at work. It happened when the bank was stopped for the transfer. The Kaunian began to explain why the transfer should be stopped.

“They tell me when I’m a terrorist, kaip tai joukingai skambėtų, but not bejuokinga, I’m a common name ir vardas pavardė sutampa su nepriznosti Luhansko republikas ministro prājmēro”, – said S. Kozlovas, who has given the history of nepavydētīnā.

The prime minister of the Luhansk republics included in the Europos Union sanctions list for war crimes is money laundering, which is subject to EU financial sanctions, restricted financial transactions, bank accounts, transfers.

Kaunietis was surprised when the bank was unable to make a mistake. “He leads the republic that nobody in the world recognizes, apart from Putin, I’ve looked around, he’s retired, he’s much older, we don’t have much in common, he looks completely different”, – explains S. Kozlovas.

Kauniečius did not end up in trouble just because he did not receive wages. Any mokytojo piniginiai vekimi is blocked because of the fire.

“I can’t buy anything on the internet, if I buy it, I have a birth certificate, when I’m not that Lithuanian, born in Kaunas. I cut the dog, I made the delivery, the hairdresser says I got a message from the bank, when you are terrorists”, – the Kaunian is angry about his situation.

It happens when you have encountered the same problem. Kaunietis contacted his common surname in Vilniuje. “He also has the same problems, because the workplace had to send a certificate to the bank that he is not the terrorist they think he is”, – said S. Kozlovas.

According to a cybernetic security expert, these blocks indicate when sanctions are in effect, but there are not many of them in Lithuania. Most of the time, such problems are encountered by tourists.

“Atvejų, kai sutampa, in Lithuania we have a few, nedažnas poješi. We have tourists, who sometimes face sanctions”, said Marius Pareščius, KPMG’s head of cyber security. consultants.

According to Lietuvos bankų associationos representative Valerijos Kiguolienės, S. Kozlovo’s money operations are not even blocked by the bank with which he has a contract, due to the fact that international sanctions prevail over other obligations.

“The first thing is that in this regard, the sanctions imposed on the persons named. Suveikia filters”, – stated V. Kiguolienė.

According to data security experts, bank transfers are being blocked by a mistake due to bureaucracy. In order to protect personal data, it is not shared even between sanctioning institutions.

“Complete data are not specified in the sanction packages. There is a birth date specified in several birth dates”, – said Domantas Čiuldė, manager of “Idenfy”.

Kaunian S. Kozlova said that she feels unsafe because the war criminals we meet in Tokyo, especially now, when the war is still going on in Ukraine, may be persecuted further.

“Most likely, my phone is being tracked by someone, maybe the security service, but I’m just an ordinary Kauno mokytojas. I didn’t do anything to anyone”, – the Kaunian shrugs his shoulders.

“People who have entered the list of sanctions, when they have been arrested, should contact the center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs when they are not wanted”, – advises M. Pareščius.

A representative of Lietuvos bankų associações says that when you are traveling, you will have to postpone your homework and inform your bank where you are leaving when there are no unplanned problems.

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