Searches were conducted at a company suspected of sanctions violations

Searches were conducted at a company suspected of sanctions violations
Searches were conducted at a company suspected of sanctions violations

It is stated that on Tuesday, MKT officers, with the help of Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT) officers, searched the administrative and production premises of UAB “Jurby Water Tech” in Kaunas.

Searches were carried out continuing in 2023. the pre-trial investigation into the possible violation of international sanctions against Russia, which began in the fall.

MKT officials have raised suspicions about this violation against the manager of the mentioned company. In addition, the customs officials in 2023 in October in Klaipėda, they detained the water filtration equipment of the mentioned company, which was allegedly intended to be shipped to China. It is suspected that, in fact, an attempt was made to export these potentially dual-use goods to Russia.

The LRT Research Department announced this week that even after the start of a large-scale war in Ukraine, water purification technologies traveled from Kaunas to Russia through intermediate companies abroad.

The publication indicates that the equipment assembled in the second largest city of Lithuania – on the order of the Russian company – was transported through intermediaries in Estonia, Slovakia, Turkey and China. Journalists estimate that from 2022 February 24 61.5 million worth of equipment could be shipped to the aggressor country from Kaunas. euros.

At least 60 cargoes of the company “Jurby Water Tech” were exported to Russia for this amount, although according to the documents, the equipment was supposed to be transported elsewhere.

According to the LRT Investigations Department, one of the main shareholders of Jurby Water Tech is Viktoras Redko, who is a former Soviet paratrooper. In addition, the company was pledged to individuals in Russia, and received large loans from the Virgin Islands even before the full-scale war. The investigation links these funds to Russian millionaire Artiom Zuyev, who is suspected of money laundering in Latvia.

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