A man allegedly killed himself during a TikTok broadcast: a message to the Kaunas police – from Singapore

A man allegedly killed himself during a TikTok broadcast: a message to the Kaunas police – from Singapore
A man allegedly killed himself during a TikTok broadcast: a message to the Kaunas police – from Singapore

A resident was found dead in Kaunas after violent content was broadcast on the social network “TikTok”. The main version being investigated is suicide, and the summary of the Police Department released to the public does not escalate this exceptional event.

The place of the incident became clear to the police within 4-5 hours. Then the door was immediately broken down and the resident, suspected of having committed suicide, was found.

This is also due to the fact that the mass media are also prohibited from publishing detailed information about persons who have committed suicide, places of suicide, methods, and other circumstances.

May 3 around 10 a.m. 30 minutes The body of a dead man (born in 1983) was found in an apartment on Lakūnai pl. in Kaunas. It is suspected that the man fatally injured himself. A pre-trial investigation has been initiated to determine the cause of death, it is stated succinctly in the initial materials of this case.

Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat (VPK) 15 minutes additionally learned that the officers received a report that a video of a man harming himself was posted on a social network on Wednesday morning, around 5:30 a.m. It is said that this information was reported to the officials by one of the international law enforcement institutions that, among others, control the content of social networks.

It is true that the initial report was not received by the Kaunas County VPK. After identifying the person and checking his place of residence (in Prienai), the man was not found there, additional information was received that he may be staying in Kaunas, this information was received by the officers around 10 am. Then they immediately went to the scene, broke open the door of the apartment, and found a man’s body inside.

Interpol reported from Singapore

A pre-trial investigation has been launched into a man from Kaunas who was found dead at home, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania announced on Thursday.

According to the pre-trial investigation, yesterday (05/03/2023) in Kaunas, Lakūnai pl., a man’s body was found with wounds in the chest and abdomen after breaking the door of an apartment. The inspection at the given address was carried out after receiving a report from the Singapore Interpol National Office, which indicated that a man was harming himself on the online chat application Tik Tok.

The initial findings of the forensic expert support the version of suicide. Multiple, repeated injuries of a similar direction were found on the man’s body. No signs of self-defense were found.

The pre-trial investigation is led by the prosecutor of the Second Department of the Kaunas District Prosecutor’s Office, and the investigation is conducted by the officers of the Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat’s Criminal Police Serious Crimes Investigation Board.

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