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The national tourism promotion agency “Travel in Lithuania” used the “MidJourney” program to create surreal images of our country, in which there is a new look at Lithuanian cities, nature and even frosts. The results inspired the new advertising campaign “Lithuania – an experience to share”, which will invite foreign tourists to visit Lithuania this year and experience what AI only imitates, says the press release of “Travel in Lithuania”.

“This season, we’re inviting travelers to create their own personal experiences with us, just as we created these visuals with the AI ​​assistant.” We want to show that Lithuania is an experience in itself: inspiring, beautiful, interesting and delicious – depending on what you are looking for. For some, a hot air balloon flight will be an unforgettable experience, for others it will be a street art excursion, for others it will be a tasting of local flavors,” says Dovilė Seliukė, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department of “Keliauk Lithuania”, about the new campaign.

“Travel in Lithuania” photo. / The new advertising campaign

The visuals created for the campaign are the result of a careful creative process and the work of talented designers with the AI ​​tool. When creating visuals, DI was asked to imagine Lithuania in various circumstances: for example, in the past, in the near future, or to see its nature through the prism of surrealism.

It may appear that in the created images – as if St. A fragment of Anna’s church is like a familiar Museum of Ethnocosmology. But in reality, the tasks involved the tool avoiding specific points of interest or objects, giving the AI ​​more freedom. Thus, the created illustrations are a combination of all possible images of Lithuania, where everyone can discover a familiar detail.

After capturing the attention of tourists with magical images, they will be reminded: such a nature, place or food does not really exist. However, there is something that inspired this image – it is Lithuania and the experiences in it.

“Travel in Lithuania” photo. / The new advertising campaign

In a world of AI-generated content, filters and NFTs, inspiration and fun moments are impossible to create. AI only imitates the great, beautiful and inspiring things that already exist. Travelers are invited to experience them themselves and upon arrival in Lithuania get a dose of real experience that they will want to share with others. This is the main message of the campaign, which is accompanied by the slogan “Lithuania – an experience to share”.

“Travel in Lithuania” photo. / The new advertising campaign

The campaign starting at the end of March will invite people from four target markets – Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Israel – to visit Lithuania. Outdoor advertisements will attract the attention of potential tourists, the campaign will be actively carried out in the online space, using digital advertising tools and social networks, until midsummer.

in 2022 Twice as many foreign tourists visited Lithuania than a year ago. Last year, 1.15 million people came to Lithuania for at least one night. foreign travelers. Visitors from the 4 priority inbound tourism markets – Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Israel – accounted for 32 percent. of all arrivals.

“Travel in Lithuania” photo. / The new advertising campaign

The absolute majority (93%) in Lithuania in 2022. foreign tourists who visited in the summer generally evaluated their trip and our country positively.

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