A drunk man from Vilnius started beating his wife when he saw what she was doing with alcohol

A drunk man from Vilnius started beating his wife when he saw what she was doing with alcohol
A drunk man from Vilnius started beating his wife when he saw what she was doing with alcohol

The court examined a case of domestic violence, where a woman who tried to educate a drunken man by her own methods suffered from her husband.

According to the case, Vytautas Š. in 2022 on October 3, around 5:35 p.m., he beat his family member – his spouse T. Š.

During the conflict, he deliberately hit the woman in the face once with the palm of his right hand. With such intentional violent actions, he caused physical pain to the victim. The injuries were assessed as minor health impairment.

During the examination of this case, the reason why the man injured his spouse became clear. After drinking with a friend, he saw a woman trying to pour an alcoholic drink into the kitchen sink after returning home.

He did not deny the guilt

The accused Vytautas Š. pleaded guilty at the trial. He said that a friend he knew came from abroad that evening.

Vytautas Š. drank alcoholic beverages with him. He claimed that he did not know, because he did not remember the fact of the violence itself. He thought that maybe he accidentally hit his wife.

He was drunk. He committed violent acts towards the victim because he was drunk. He pleaded guilty, apologized to his wife, agrees with the charge.

Conflict over alcohol

During the pre-trial investigation, the victim said that she went to the medical experts after the incident. Her husband gave her one blow to the left side of the face with the palm of his right hand.

After the blow, both of her eyes were left black, because the blow itself was on the left side of the face, more towards the nose. An ambulance was present at the time of the incident, but she refused to go to the hospital.

She will not file a civil lawsuit against her husband. On a scale from 1 to 10, she rated the pain experienced during the impact as 5 points. At that time, he was in shock, he couldn’t assess the situation due to stress, and the pain started already after the incident.

She, her husband’s friend AC and her spouse were in the room at the time of the incident. The conflict with her husband occurred over a bottle of brandy, which the spouse demanded to be returned when she took the bottle from the refrigerator.

Then Vytautas Š. punched her in the face, she fell down. At that moment, the guest AC rushed between her and the man. The woman said that the video does not show her being hit because her son started filming when she was already getting up from the floor.

The son did not have time to record the impact itself because he was in the room. A petition for divorce is currently filed.

Tried to pour alcohol

A friend of the abuser told during the pre-trial investigation that he had only returned from abroad for a short time. Went to visit a friend. They consumed alcoholic beverages together. His wife, when she got home, saw that he and Vytautas Š. are drunk

She started screaming, grabbed a bottle from the table and started pouring alcohol into the sink. The child immediately went to his room, he did not see the conflict. The witness could not specify the exact circumstances of the incident because he was drunk, but he said that his friend did not beat his wife, did not touch her. The woman’s husband allegedly raised an eyebrow when he wanted to take the bottle that was being poured.

The witness said that he and the accused were quite drunk and could hardly stand on their feet, but they did not make noise and would have calmly finished the session.

Court verdict

The district court of the Vilnius region decided Vytautas Š. found guilty of domestic violence and sentenced him to 1 year of imprisonment.

Due to the admission of guilt, the sentence was shortened by a third – up to 8 months without intensive supervision, with the obligation to continue working or register with the Employment Service during the execution of the sentence, and to prohibit the use of psychoactive substances.

The man is also required to participate in programs that change violent behavior. The abuser is required to complete the entire course within 6 months. He is also obliged to pay 500 euros to the fund for victims of crimes within 8 months.

The judgment can be appealed to the Vilnius District Court within twenty days from the date of its announcement, by filing the appeal through the District Court of the Vilnius Region.

The article is in Lithuanian

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