Unfazed at the decisive moment, Prienix beat Juventus, who improved the block records

Unfazed at the decisive moment, Prienix beat Juventus, who improved the block records
Unfazed at the decisive moment, Prienix beat Juventus, who improved the block records

Juventus had a 7-point advantage (63:70) before the fourth quarter, but Prienix played confidently in the last quarter and recorded only their third victory this season.

A good section helped the Juventus team to break away 8:3, but Kyan Anderson reduced the gap to a minimum – 9:10 with an individual initiative. Martynas Gecevičius took the role of leader in Utena’s team, who made three attacks (18:13), and the situation was repeated – “Labas GAS” showed a reaction and Giedrius Bergaud’s long shot overturned the result – 19:18.

Justinas Jogminas and Karolis Giedraitis continued the good work of the Prienica team – the difference grew (36:29), but it was not possible to pull away more threateningly. Reggie Lynch helped Juventus take the lead again (38:37), and after two quarters, the Utenese led 50:42.

In the first part of the match, M. Gecevičius and R. Lynch made the biggest contribution to the hosts, scoring 11 points each. Kyan Anderson was the top scorer for Labas GAS with 12 points.

Labas GAS showed character and completely returned the intrigue to the match. Although in the third quarter the team from Ute enjoyed a double-digit lead (70:60), Domantas Vilys closed the half with a three-pointer and this was a good sign for the visitors.

Immediately after that, D. Vilys and Giedrius Bergauds pushed “Labas GAS” further forward, and managed to get dangerously close – 67:70. It was the latter who finally equalized and weighed the result – 76:73. Kyan Anderson increased the difference even more, so Donald Kairys asked for a break – 73:78. It did not bear fruit – Dominykas Domarkas looked great, whose shots brought “Labas GAS” closer to victory – 83:75.

Utena’s team had chances, but time was running out. Martynas Gecevičius made a three-pointer with half a minute left (84:89), and the Prienai team made a mistake again. Soon, M. Gecevičius started throwing three free throws – he hit two, G. Bergaud responded with one shot and that was enough for the victory.

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R.Lynch, the tall man of the Utena team, blocked as many as 9 opponents’ shots – this is a new LKL season record. 12 team blocks also allowed Utena’s team to improve on its season best.

It is interesting that Utena’s team was wrong as many as 19 times, while “Labas GAS” made only 6 mistakes. We remind you that Utena’s team will be doing without the injured leader Alex Hamilton for some time.

Juventus: Martynas Gecevičius 24 (5/9 treys), Brandon Brown 15, Reggie Lynch 13 (9 blocks), Martynas Paliukėnas 8 (7 assists), Dovydas Romanchenko 7.

Hello GAS: Giedrius Bergaudas (8 rebounds) and Kyan Anderson – 16 each, Karolis Giedraitis 15, Domantas Vilys 13, Tauras Jogėla 10 (6 rebounds).

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