MO Museum invites children to explore and explore

MO Museum invites children to explore and explore
MO Museum invites children to explore and explore

Menins installations Find wolf parts. MO Museum photo.

A colorful, interactive map of the city has been installed in the hall of the MO Museum in Vilnius, intended for the youngest MO visitors.

The experiential art installation Surask vilk, created with artists Antanas Dubra, Vladas Suncovus and the team of the Vaik em program, confuses children with different objects, buildings and symbols of Vilnius, spread between the routes of high-speed buses.

Colorful illustrations and texts tell about these places in the city, they are checked by an educational quiz, and some of the buildings of Vilnius MO have been transformed into furniture open to echoes.

Confusion space

According to Milda Ivanauskiens, head of the MO, the decision to create an interactive art installation dedicated to the confusion of Vilnius in the museum’s hall was naturally dictated by the circumstances of the museum team: as the city is celebrating its 700th anniversary, and as the museum is preparing to open a large exhibition of Riard Gavel’s novel Vilnius Poker in April, it was important to create draws and crosses. , a space for the city’s youngest visitors.

The experiential art installation Surask vilk encourages curiosity and in a wider context forms a child’s relationship with the city and art. in this space, children can boldly take a walk with Vilnius, play, eat, read, participate in cross-curricular activities.

Menins installations Find wolf parts. MO Museum photo.

With the example of the MO museum, we always aim to show that a museum space can be child-friendly, not only requiring concentration and focus, but also encouraging curiosity and research. We are convinced that the child’s ability to experience the abundance of confusion is inseparable from interactive, unique experiences, self-discovery, M. Ivanauskien is quoted in the message.

Buildings that invite storks

Artist Vladas Suncovas will create sculptural furniture representing the neighborhoods of Vilnius for the MO Museum installation. For this purpose, exceptional buildings that are easily remembered by the townspeople from different periods were chosen, from the Television tower in Karolinik to the Vilnius University library in Saulteki.

According to the artist, the aim was that when navigating emlap, the furniture would be a multi-functional steering wheel for visitors to discover and explore our capital. They provide an opportunity to arrive, rest, relax, climb, hide, turn around, look around and discuss what our Vilnius was, is and will be.

Set designer and illustrator Antanas Dubra created characteristic illustrations for another 14 objects in Vilnius. According to him, when creating the installation, it was very difficult to find a new visual representation of Vilnius and fit the whole city in the MO space, without leaving a single district behind, but in the end, the team managed to do it.

A discovery for adults too

According to the Surask vilk krybins team and Kotryna Zyls, a member of the reading promotion program Vaikem, who collected the texts for the experiential art installation, the collection of materials for the descriptions of the places of Vilnius and for her also gave her a unique discovery.

K. Zylei remembers the history of the abandoned Buki Bridge, reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge, the bones taken from the Bernardin cemetery, 3,500 newborns born in Santara clinics every year, the bronze boy who disappeared and reappeared next to the bronze sculpture Sauls Joyful Detective, the castle that stood in the Pilaits microdistrict.

It seems that I have rediscovered the city where I was born and grew up, but it turns out that I still didn’t know so much about it, the krija is quoted as saying.

According to MO, the experiential art installation does not aim to convey in-depth information about the history of Vilnius. Along with the installation, photographs from the collections of the MO Museum are exhibited in the hall space, reflecting different fragments of Vilnius life.

MO Museum pays special attention to events this year: in August, it is planned to open an exhibition for children, where the city will be discussed through art collections and children’s literature.

Now, on weekends, there are eim Sundays activities led by theater professionals, which will take place in the installation space. During it, children will find themselves even deeper with the experiential installation Find the Wolf: active physical exercises, acting tasks, relaxation routines and cross-training workshops await them.

The experimental art installation Find the wolf in the hall of the MO museum will be open all year.

Prepared according to MO Museum information.

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