You want to vote in the elections, but you can’t leave home: the road is impassable in the Vilnius district

To 15 minutes addressed a resident of the village of Tintiniškii in the Vilnius district, who told about the fact that she could not reach the polling station due to the impassable road.

On March 15, the woman testifies that she applied to the Dūkštis ward of the Vilnius district, but did not receive a response.

Reader’s photo/Impassable road in Vilnius district – people can’t even go to vote

“Tintiniškių street in Tintiniškių village is a settlement of residential houses, surrounded only by young families with children. In our settlement, this road is the only exit, and at the moment it has turned into a swamp, cars cannot pass at all. The senate refuses to do something because of “unfavorable weather conditions”, and everyone needs to take children to educational institutions and go to work regardless of the weather conditions. What about the necessary help, should it be needed.

The fact that the mayoral elections will be held on Sunday is not news to the council. It’s 22 km to the polling place, so you won’t be able to walk very far,” the woman explained the problem.

He also asked the candidate

After seeing a post on the Facebook account of one of the candidates for mayor of the Vilnius district, inviting everyone to vote on Sunday, she wrote a comment in which she asked how to get to the ballot box, if the municipality ignores it all week and leaves residents with an impassable road.

Reader’s photo/Impassable road in Vilnius district – people can’t even go to vote

According to her, the comment was removed in a few minutes, and she herself was blocked.

“So even though I voted in the first round, this time I cannot fulfill my civic duty,” assured the reader.

The problem occurs every time it is watered

The problem with the road, according to her, occurs every time it is watered. However, in the last four years, there has never been such a situation where one could not leave the house at all.

“Everyone is used to permanent mud and potholes, but you don’t want to constantly scratch the bottom of the car. Grading is done in fall, spring and summer, several times a season, but only after you write to the council several times. There was no grader this year,” assured the resident of the village of Tintiniškii.

I will grade on Sunday morning

15 minutes applied to Dūkšta precinct.

On Saturday evening, they received an answer that they are aware of the condition of the road on Tintiniškių street: during the thaw, the road surface is unstable, and in some places it is difficult to pass.

Reader's photo/Impassable road in Vilnius district - people can't even go to vote

Reader’s photo/Impassable road in Vilnius district – people can’t even go to vote

“Wet pavement grading is not being carried out, as heavy equipment will only worsen the condition of the road. Road grading works are carried out when the road surface is stable.

After the surface has dried, the mentioned street is scheduled to be graded tomorrow morning”, – 15 minutes said Honorata Masalskienė, the elder of Dūkštės.

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