The Italian logistics group “Codognotto” is coming to Lithuania

The Italian logistics group “Codognotto” is coming to Lithuania
The Italian logistics group “Codognotto” is coming to Lithuania

Published: 03/17/2023 15:28

Codognotto has partnered with Tevva, a British company that develops hydrogen-powered trucks. Company visualization.

The company announces that the development is being carried out in response to logistical changes due to geopolitical reasons.

The Italian transport, forwarding and logistics group “Codognotto” is being established in Lithuania, operating in 20 countries around the world and managing a fleet of almost 2,000 trucks.

The company’s branch in Lithuania was registered on March 14, according to the data of the Registry Center.

The Italian business news portal “Nord Est Economia” announced at the end of January that Codognotto plans to reach 380 million euros this year due to its expansion into Lithuania and Turkey. EUR turnover, and investments will reach several million euros. According to the company, the development is a response to logistical changes caused by geopolitical reasons.

In 2022, the turnover of the company should reach 350 million. Eur, according to “Nord Est Economia”.

Codognotto provides road, rail, air and sea freight, integrated logistics and multimodal transport services worldwide, with around 250,000 shipments per year

Founded in 1946 in Treviso as a family business, the company currently has 50 branches in Europe and Asia, employing about a thousand employees.

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