The founder of “Kauno Jazz” cannot hold back tears after burying his daughter: he remembered his last promise

At the age of 42, the woman was fighting a brain tumor. And although the tumor in the frontal area was extremely aggressive, Indrė did not give up until the last moment and fought against the devastating diagnosis.

He did not respond to the first symptom

After losing his daughter, J. Jučas agreed to share with the news portal what the path of the illness was and what promise he made to his only daughter before his death.

“After the death of Indra, I have a lot of work to do. All the preparations for the Kaunas Jazz festival are left for me – I have to do everything myself now.”

And although J. Jučas is extremely busy, immersed in activities, he found time to talk and remembered the path of illness that he walked with his daughter more than a year and a half ago.

“I remember that in 2021, in September, a concert was held in Joniškis. My friends noticed that Indre was faltering. When she was told this, she even got angry and shot back that everything was fine, really unflappable. No one could have thought then that an MRI of the head was necessary – it would have already shown the developing tumor.

The first operation was performed on her more than a month later – on October 20. During that time, everything happened very acutely and quickly,” the interviewer recalls.

He did not lose hope

He says he asked doctors what could have caused the aggressive tumor to grow and spread. It turns out that it could also be the case that this tumor had been in Indre’s head since childhood, but it was benign.

“However, I still do not have exact answers. Only as far as I’ve been able to find out, there is no cure. There is a very limited time that a person with such a tumor can live. Indre really wanted to live and exceeded even the doctors’ predictions.”

An active and young woman, who had friends all over the world, believed until the last moment that she would survive and that the tumor would recede.

“The doctors didn’t hide the diagnosis from her, even though she didn’t know how long she had left to live. Indre knew all the treatment methods and forecasts. Even knowing that the tumor was malignant and developing very rapidly, she believed that she would dig it out.

Indre did everything, and after the first surgery and chemotherapy, she even felt good, walked without a cane and was very happy about it. I remember, during the last radiation sessions, I just opened the door for her – she went to the department by herself.”

The last few months have been extremely difficult

However, J. Jučas remembered that his daughter was very worried after losing her hair. “She started sewing turbans, various head coverings, and during that time her curly hair grew back.

She was fine until the epileptic seizures started. She lost consciousness during the first seizure and was conscious the second time. She was very scared and began to live in fear – she was afraid that the seizures might happen again.

In the last months of her life, her illness began to resemble a roller coaster, as she received more and more medication, but her health began to decline rapidly. Soon the kidneys stopped working. There were a lot of troubles, but in Indre’s heart the hope of regaining her strength smouldered.”

He made a promise to his daughter

The man remembered that his daughter even went to the herbalist – after the visit, she felt more cheerful, talked, recovered a little, although she knew very well that there are no wizards who can perform miracles.

The interviewer also remembered the last trip with his daughter. It happened on November 25, when he took Indra to Palanga, by the sea.

“She was getting weaker quickly, it was very difficult to speak, but I understood everything. I remember how during the trip she asked me to promise that we would give her a year to live. I made a promise with an aching heart, but I knew that I would no longer be able to fulfill this promise. I hid the fact that she had very little left.”

Last Christmas special

J. Jučas also told about the last holy Christmas. And although the daughter had to spend them in the hospital, the father still signed all the documents, took responsibility and brought the daughter home.

“The doctors unequivocally agreed that a day at home with her family by the Christmas tree would give her more strength and strength than long days in the hospital. We all knew her days were numbered.”

And although the treatment journey was difficult and exhausting, requiring strength and psychological strength, in this difficult hour, J. Jučas sends his thanks to all the doctors, nurses and people who helped his daughter on the path of illness.

“During this year, I once again became convinced that what you shout will be answered. We cooperated with the best doctors who did everything in their power. Unfortunately, you can’t fight such a diagnosis.”

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