The beach in Giruliai has turned into a construction site: the sea will be closer to fishermen

Sand pyramids can be seen on Giruliu beach for some time. The construction work started at the end of last year is planned to be completed this year.

As Elona Jurkevičienė, Head of the Projects Department of the Klaipėda City Municipality, said, the project “Establishment of a landing place for fishing products by the sea in the territory of the city of Klaipėda” is being implemented in Giruliai. It is implemented in accordance with the contract with the National Payment Agency.

Klaipėda city council photo/A well-maintained road leads through the forest to the slip

According to E. Jurkevičienė, during the implementation of the project, it is planned to install a landing site for fishing products, build an access road of reinforced concrete slabs through the dunes to the site located near the sea, on the slopes and around the site, in order to reduce the impact of sand blowing, install gabions, install solar lights in the corners of the site batteries.

Aurelijos Jašinskienės/ photo/Giruliai will be equipped with a slip this year

Contract worth 356 thousand. euros, and the duration is 5 months, signed on October 21 last year. The NMA support for the implementation of the project amounts to about 158 ​​thousand. euros.

The new slip in Giruliai would be intended for fishermen and others engaged in shipping in the Baltic.

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