Vilnius from above: TOP 8 most beautiful places

Vilnius from above: TOP 8 most beautiful places
Vilnius from above: TOP 8 most beautiful places

Vilnius TV Tower

The tallest building in the country is also among the tallest television towers in the world. The 326.5-meter-high structure with a rotating observation deck at a height of 165 m is the best place to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire capital.

When the weather is clear, from the windows of the restaurant located in the tower, you can see the surroundings of Vilnius as far as 50 km away, and the bravest can see Vilnius not only through the windows – now a walk along the edge of the TV tower is also offered.

Three Crosses Mountain

The Three Crosses Memorial, visible from afar, surprises visitors with impressive views of the Old Town of Vilnius in every season. Vilnelė and the Bernardine Garden flow next to the mountain, and the 12 m high monument is even more impressive when it is lit up with different lights to commemorate special events for Lithuania or the world.

Subach observation deck

The Subačias observation deck, which is popular with lovers but cannot be missed by tourists, opens up a special panorama of the old town of Vilnius, and the information board also shows which cultural, historical, and architectural objects of the old town are visible.

Plikakalnis outcrop

The outcrop located in the Karoliniškii micro-district allows you to see one of the most beautiful and wooded places in Vilnius. The 58-year-old, second-highest outcrop in Lithuania is located on the wooded right bank of the Neris opposite Vingis Park.

Pavilniai Regional Park

Although the Pavilnii Regional Park is the smallest in Lithuania, you probably won’t find as many spectacular sights as here. One of the most picturesque places in the park is the Pūčkiori outcrop, which is a unique geological monument.

Here you can also visit the area of ​​the former water mill. The Ribiškii Lookout is also popular with quite a few visitors, and for those who want to admire the natural scenery, longer walks along the Ribiškii route are also offered.

Altana mountain

The most beautiful sunsets can be seen watching the tower of Gediminas Castle. The mountain in Užupi, surrounded by trees, opens up a wonderful panorama of the city.

Bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral

Most people admire the Vilnius bell tower only from the outside, but visitors to the city can see the bells exhibition, the old city clock, explore the historical reconstructions of the bell tower and the cathedral, and see the amazing panorama of the center itself. The ticket for visitors who want to visit the bell tower costs 6 euros.

Observation deck of the Tower of the Palace of Lords

Although usually most people admire Vilnius from the Gediminas mountain, the observation deck located in the Palace of the Lords will also open a view of the majestic mountain.

The observation deck is part of the tour of the Palace of the Lords, so you will not only admire the views of Vilnius, but you will also see preserved authentic masonry and unique finds. The price of the tour is 2 euros. + visitor ticket.


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