HISK paid 232 thousand to former manager Puidokas. euro payment

HISK paid 232 thousand to former manager Puidokas. euro payment
HISK paid 232 thousand to former manager Puidokas. euro payment

V. Puidokos’ communications representative, Nerijus Mikalajūnas, reported on Monday that HISK transferred 232 thousand to the bailiff’s account. EUR severance pay.

In December, the Panevėžys District Court rejected HISK’s complaint and upheld the ruling passed by the Panevėžys District Court in June, by which HISK was obliged to pay severance pay and cover litigation costs.

The court also rejected more than 623 thousand counterclaim of the company against the former head of the company.

HISK then announced that it would appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Lithuania (LAT). Jurgita Jurkšaitytė, a member of the HISK board, said that the court deviated from the practice formed by the LAT, unreasonably emphasizing the rights of the former manager, who was removed from his position due to loss of trust, by providing him with exclusive financial guarantees upon termination of employment.

In the Panevėžys district court, HISK’s lawsuit against V. Puidokas regarding more than 21 million EUR compensation.

According to HISK, instead of increasing the salaries of employees, improving their working conditions and investing in new equipment, production bases, strengthening the positions of the group’s companies in the market, V. Puidokas completely neglected his duties and irrationally used the company’s funds.

V. Puidokas denies causing damage to the company.

In December 2021, it was announced that “Panevėžio keliai” suffered 31 million losses in 2016-2020 due to the inappropriate management of V. Puidokas. euro consolidated losses, the company’s equity has decreased by 23% since 2015. up to 68.5 million euros.

In February 2021, after the end of the conflict between Remigijaus Juodviršis and Gvidos Drobužas, the largest shareholders of Panevėžys kieli at that time, a new management of the company was elected.

V. Puidokas managed the company for more than a decade – until February 2021.

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