“YIT Lietuva” has built a new house in “Piliamiestis”, a favorite of Kaunas residents, near Neris

The sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva” completed the construction of another modern residential building on the right bank of the Neris in Kaunas. This is already the 13th apartment building in the “Piliamiestis” block and the third completed in the last month. The house added 54 modern apartments to the city’s housing market.

43-86 sq.m. in the 6-storey apartment building named after the Raudondvaris Castle on Brastas Street, next to the Neris River on the other side of the Old Town of Kaunas. m apartments. They are equipped with the necessary solutions for a comfortable life – efficient underfloor heating and recuperation system, large windows and spacious balconies that provide plenty of natural daylight. All apartments in the building were sold long before the end of construction.

The latest A+ energy efficiency class house in the “Piliamiestis” quarter was designed by architect Tomas Kriaučiūnas with the team of the company “Kita Kryptis”.

There are private underground and public surface parking lots under the house and next to it. Great attention has also been paid to the arrangement of the surrounding area – it is equipped with modern children’s playgrounds, pedestrian and bicycle paths connected to the city network, and green spaces that ensure a pleasant rest. A quay adapted to the needs of the public has been installed next to the Neris, allowing you to enjoy the calmness of the river’s flow.

“The new building marks another successfully completed stage of the development of “Piliamiestis” and the continuation of the transformations of this part of the city that began in 2015. From a forgotten and abandoned area, the right embankment of Neris has become one of the most attractive places to live in Kaunas. The quarter undoubtedly changed the trajectory of the city’s urban development, gave it a new impetus and returned the advantages of living by the river to Kaunas. This is fully in line with the 15-minute city concept developed by our company, when all services and entertainment should be within easy reach of city residents,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, head of YIT Lietuva.

According to K. Vanags, the quarter continues to be actively developed, two houses were recently completed in it, where all the apartments were also sold before the end of the construction, and new stages of the project are starting. The constant demand for housing in the block shows that residents really appreciate them

One of these advantages is a convenient location, from which the old town and center of Kaunas, shopping centers, necessary institutions and services are easily accessible. The construction of “Piliamiestis” houses also stimulated the development of the surrounding infrastructure – Brastos street, P. Vileišios bridge over the Neris were repaired.

Currently, “Piliamiestis” consists of 13 residential houses, and a total of 18 apartment buildings and a business center are planned. Last year, “YIT Lietuva” purchased an additional 5.3 ha plot for the further development of “Piliamiestis”. It is planned to build another 20 residential houses.

“YIT Lietuva” in Kaunas also recently started the development of a plot of more than 10 hectares on the slope of Mount Aleksot. The “Matau Kaunas” project was launched here, which is considered the beginning of major transformations in this part of Kaunas. In Vilnius, near the financial center of the city in the Šnipiškii district, the company is developing the “Naujojo Skansen” quarter and plans to build new apartment buildings in Viršuliškės.

About the builder “YIT Lietuva” group of companies

The sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva” has been operating in Lithuania since 1966 and belongs to one of the largest construction services concerns in Northern Europe, “YIT Corporation”, operating in nine countries. “YIT Lietuva” successfully executes contracting, housing, commercial real estate projects and carries out infrastructure development and road construction works.

“YIT Lietuva” photo.


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