smoking addiction, agenda –

smoking addiction, agenda –
smoking addiction, agenda –

Aneta Vaitkiene


On November 23, the Health Affairs Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania considered the final additions to the draft approval of the National Agenda on Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control, Consumption Prevention and Harm Reduction until 2035, in order to finally submit it to the Seimas for a vote.

Most of the comments were not devoted to the prevention of alcohol or drug addictions, but to the third scourge of the country – smoking and its prevention. Criticisms and remarks were heard until the end of the meeting: some missed attention to reducing the harm caused by tobacco, and some, on the contrary, supported the official position of the WHO, which is considered too conservative in many European countries.

And for those who do not have the patience to follow the hearings, we inform you: no, the project has not yet been adopted, due to the many comments that threatened to turn into new hearings. Not having the approval of all organizers for the project, the chairman of the committee, Antanas Matulas, decided to postpone its final approval to the next meeting. So this week it was only by consensus that the legal department’s comments were approved.

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