On tracks covered with yellowing leaves – the 49th “Autumn of Kaunas”

It is one of the oldest motor sports competitions, which started in 1974 and has been organized every year since then, without breaks. Their story did not end even during the most difficult years of the blockade for the country, when there was a catastrophic shortage of not only fuel.

“Although almost half a century has passed since the first rally, in which 43 crews competed, it seems that today I remember the joy of its first winners, Romo and Antanina Jakučioni, who drove a VAZ 2103 car, and their wishes for this race to continue for another hundred years,” he says. motor sports master, veteran and participant of this rally, Sigitas Januška.

In 1981, the “Kaunas Rudens” Rally was the first of the country’s motor sports competitions. granted international rally status.

Many famous rallyists from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and other countries competed in his speed races with the best Lithuanian athletes of various times.

The “Kaunas Rudens” rally is popular and has been cherished for many years, a beautiful tradition, when its participants, together with the competition organizers, honor the memory of one of the country’s most famous motor sports masters, Kaunas brothers Kastytis and Arvydas Girdauskas.

Rally Kaunas autumn

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Legends will be remembered and honored

“The activity of the participants allows us to hope that this year’s Kaunas Ruduo will not only be characterized by a persistent fight, but also satisfy the taste of fans of this sport,” says Romualdas Mažuolis, director of the event’s organizer, the International Association of Motor Sports Veterans. – We have already received over 70 applications from participants and we are happy that one of the fastest crews from Kaunas, Ramūnas Čapkauskas and Žilvins Juršis, will participate in the race, starting with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX.

The mastery of K. and A. Girdauskas from Kaunia and their determination to achieve victory is well remembered by the winners of last year’s rally, who won the main trophy – the Girdauska Memorial Cup – one of the most titled rally masters in the country, Eugenijus Tumalevičius and his co-driver Aleksandras Chaimskis, an almost permanent member of “Kaunas rudens” rally participant coming from USA.

Last year’s rally winners will start this time with Opel Manta.

By the way, A. Chaimskis, although the one who will come to Kaunas from the farthest, is by no means the only foreigner, participant of the “Kaunas Ruduo” rally, who raced together with the Girdauskai brothers.

On the Town Hall Square, where on October 8 10 o’clock will start and the 49th “Kaunas Rudens” rally will finish in the evening. In addition to the competition, host Lithuania will fly the flags of Latvia, Estonia, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Israel, Sakartvel, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other countries.

At the invitation of the International Association of Motor Sports Veterans, Andris Šttals and Janis Jumić, well-known to many Lithuanian rally fans, are coming to the rally from Latvia, Joel Tammeka and Juhan Anupold from Estonia, Otaras Arjevanidze and Aleksander Jemelidze from Tbilisi, one crew will consist of Arsen Sargisov coming from Uzbekistan and Armenian Ara Aghababyan, from Greece – Edvard and Anastasia Singurindi, Bulgarians Stojan Apostolov and Stanka Petkova-Zhisheva and others.

For them, Alfredas Štaras and Vilius Sutkaitis from Kaunas, who are called real slalom masters, driving their Mazda MX5 to the tracks, Almantas Jacevičius and Gintarus Dovydėnas from Vilnius, who chose Nissan Almera, Modestas Jakas and Tomas Liutkumis from Kaunas, who, like last year, remained loyal to the VAZ 2101 , and last year’s second prize-winners of the “Kaunas Rudens” rally, representatives of the temporary capital, Ričardas Matijošaitis and Šarūnas Liesius, are also not changing their combat weapon. They will start with the same Moskvich 2140 car.

Rally Kaunas autumn

© Algimantas Brazaitis

Comrades Memorial Cup Competition

Along with the athletes, well-known veterans who have recently made motor sports famous in various countries will compete on the rally tracks, the winners of the President’s Cup Algirdas Rymonis and Saulius Praninskas, the representatives of Šakių motor sports club Algimantas Glikas and Marius Petkūnas, the Vilnius residents Juzef Malevski and Erasmus Michnevič, the Kaunas residents Zenius Balčiūnas with Rimanta Domininkaičius and others.

Veterans highly value and persistently compete for the commemorative cups of their former comrades in motor sports arenas, the establishment and popularization of which is highly encouraged by one of the enthusiasts of this rally, Kaunas district mayor Valerijus Makūnas.

This year, the veterans will compete for Leontijas Potapčiks, Vidmantas Čiutelas, Evaldos Čerškaus, Sigitas Alesias, Vytautas Fedaravičius, Romualds Barkauskas and others.

In a separate group, people with disabilities will race, whose applications have already been submitted by six crews, as well as drivers of historic cars who are attracting a lot of interest.

Member of the board of the Lithuanian Automobile Club Šarūnas Žitkevičius, who coordinates the movement of those who feel sympathy for timeless classics, promised the rally organizers that over 20 old men who are still shining in their youth, as if they rolled off the assembly line yesterday, will roll in the column of classic cars.

Race on separate tracks

The car park of the participants of the “Kaunas Rudens” rally is very colorful. Therefore, the participants of the event will test their strength on separate tracks of different length and complexity.

The shortest, of course, awaits the drivers of historic cars, who will not have to turn off the asphalt surface and who will most likely share the awards.

Athletes, participants of the “Kaunas Autumn” rally, will have to overcome a 175.8 km stretch in the territories of Kaunas city and district and Šakiai district municipalities. total length track with 13 speed races, 5 of which are on gravel.

Veterans and other rally participants will compete over a shorter distance of 81.91 km with 8 stages and special events. All of them are on tracks with an asphalt surface.

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