The rapist of a 16-year-old girl from Jurbarkas crashed into a tree on the road

The rapist of a 16-year-old girl from Jurbarkas crashed into a tree on the road
The rapist of a 16-year-old girl from Jurbarkas crashed into a tree on the road

The traffic accident happened around 11 am. 15 minutes on the road near the village of Aušgiriau, in the territory of Pagėgiau municipality.

The cargo minibus “Mercedes Benz” driven by M. Icikevičius crashed into a tree and overturned on its side.

Lina Banienė, Senior Specialist of the Communications Sub-Department of the Tauragė County Chief Police Commissariat, informed the news portal that the driver was taken to a medical institution.

There he will be examined and given the necessary assistance.

His condition is currently unclear. Police officers are investigating the cause of the accident and its circumstances.

A hearing in the rape case of a teenage girl is scheduled for September 27 in the Klaipėda District Court – the last four witnesses have been invited to testify.

Closing speeches are planned for October 5.

However, it is not known whether these meetings will take place – they will be canceled if M. Icikevičius cannot participate in them due to the consequences of the injury.

The surgeon had never seen such a terrible picture

The last pages are being turned in the case of the infamous 16-year-old rapist from the Jurbarkas region, M. Icikevičius, prize winner of Eastern martial arts tournaments.

This is already the second trial for the same case – during the first trial, the courts of Tauragė and the port city gave M.Icikevičius a lighter sentence than prison, but the Supreme Court, which examined the complaints of the girl’s family and the prosecutor’s office, returned the case to the Klaipėda District Court for reconsideration.

The verdicts of the lower courts outraged the public, well-known people of the country – the case caused a wide response.

Law enforcement and the victim of a brutally beaten, especially complicated double fracture of the jaw are working with his relatives to ensure that the Yurbarki man, whose parents were local politicians at the time of the brutal attack, does not avoid a real prison sentence.

An extremely brutal and cynical crime was committed, which caused serious consequences for the girl.

“I have never seen such a terrible sight during my work practice,” Ričardas Kubilius, professor and head of the Facial and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic of Kaunas clinics where the minor was treated, told the news portal about the injuries.

The rapist admitted his guilt only when forced by the evidence, so, according to the prosecutors, the confession should not be considered as a mitigating circumstance. It is also not believed that his repentance is sincere.

The version was broken by experts

Forced by the evidence, M. Icikevičius stated that he did not remember some of the circumstances of the crime. However, during the psychiatric-psychological examination, which was ordered by the court already during the second trial, no memory disorders of the abuser were found.

More than 3 years have passed since the horrible attack – M. Icikevičius was 17 years old at the time of the crime, and his victim was 16 years old.

In addition to the great spiritual shock, the girl still feels the effects of physical injuries caused by the actions of her abuser. According to portal, the jaw injuries have not yet been completely healed.

The teenager was found in the blood clan

On the night of May 26, 2019, about 15 schoolchildren from Jurbarkas and its surroundings, from different schools, took part in the party held at the rural tourism homestead in Tauragė district. The rapist and his victim did not know each other.

The schoolgirl had lost consciousness from the blows, and then she was admitted to the intensive care unit of Kaunas clinics.

The teenager was found in the blood clan by her classmates, who missed her and began to search the territory of the homestead in alarm.

The girl looked terrible – her face was covered in blood all the way to her neck.

After many months of pain and eating through a straw, she could not fully open her mouth even after jaw surgery, the pain kept recurring. The rapist knocked out one of her teeth, and the other teeth had to be specially strengthened.

During the pre-trial investigation, M. Icikevičius initially denied his guilt, but when forced by the evidence, he confessed. He did this in the courts as well. He was drunk at the time of the crime.

M. Icikevičius was found guilty of two episodes of sexual crimes – committed sexual assault and attempted rape.

During the first trial, M. Icikevičius appealed the verdict for the attempted rape episode, but he refused to do so when the trial was resumed.

After the attack, the schoolgirl received psychological help. The girl began to suffer from shortness of breath. It has been established that this is a consequence of stress.

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