They were preparing for the festival by damaging the trees: we went to see it, and oh my God, we almost passed out

Today, the “13.7 Festival of Lights” started on the campus of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), which will last the whole week and will be free of charge.

This initiative, which encourages the ingenuity of students and brightens up the dreary autumn evenings for the townspeople, is undoubtedly welcome, but the preparatory work that took place on Thursday caused unpleasant feelings for more than one passerby.

A man from Kaunas contacted the editorial office and shared photos showing that the equipment is attached even to tall trees. “Save!!! We went to see it, and oh my God, we almost passed out. Look how they drilled the trees! This tree is just a few cm in diameter and has been drilled through in several places!!!” – the reader was angry about the situation.

Photo of the reader.

He tried to draw the attention of those who had fixed the equipment that it was not appropriate to do so, but to no avail.

“We tried to explain that this is not possible, so they attacked us with a dog and drove us out of the territory,” said an indifferent person, who ended the confrontation, adding that small trees may not survive the winter due to such injuries. “It is not yet clear how they will peel back those wood screws,” the man from Kaunas thought.

He did not expect that KTU representatives could act like that. The actions of the scientific institution, whose motto this year is “Behind every technology – a person”, are completely incompatible with such actions in relation to the environment.

We tried to explain that this is not possible, so they attacked us with a dog and drove us out of the territory.

“Kaunos diena” appealed to KTU representatives. The university’s media representative Mantas Lapinskas said that the actions damaging the trees have been stopped and the damage will be repaired.

“We want to thank an alert reader for this information. The festival is organized by our students and after checking the trees, our suspicions were confirmed – they did indeed use several trees for bracing. The attachments will be removed from the trees immediately and our professionals will take care of the restoration of the damage done to these trees. We apologize for this misunderstanding – we will monitor the students’ activities more closely during this festival”, commented M. Lapinskas.

The organizers announce that it is worth visiting the KTU campus in the evenings to admire the ingenuity and technological capabilities of the students – the buildings will light up, and other interactive light installations will also catch your eye.

Photo of the reader.

According to a statement from the university, there will be eight interactive light installations, and event-goers will have the opportunity to create an additional 100 individual luminous elements that connect to form the final installation of the festival. Creative workshops and concerts will be held during the festival.

with light installations located on the KTU student campus and visualization illuminating the KTU X building, Studentų st. 48A building, participants will be able to admire it every night of the festival from 7 p.m. The festival will be held until October 1.

According to the announcement, the idea that grew from a project to a celebration was matured by the KTU student organization “Kartočiau” and alumni, and Lithuanian and international companies contributed to its implementation.

Photo of the reader.

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