Vilnius municipality is waiting for architectural ideas for four new educational institutions

Vilnius municipality is waiting for architectural ideas for four new educational institutions
Vilnius municipality is waiting for architectural ideas for four new educational institutions

As the municipality informed on Friday, its company “Vilnius Development Company” is looking for the best ideas for kindergartens in Šnipiškės and Balsiai and planned pre-gymnasiums in Pavilny and Perkūnkiemi.

Specialists of “Vilnius development company” invite the architects participating in the competitions to take into account not only the architectural rules and technical conditions of the capital’s educational institutions, but also the needs and vision expressed by the communities during the project discussion.

In Pavilny, on S. Lozoraičio Street, a pro-gymnasium with approximately 950 seats will be designed with an annex, and a 4-track, 25-meter swimming pool will be installed in it. The institution should have a Natural Science Corps with a laboratory, nearby STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math education) technical creative workshops.

Arts classes with an art studio, music and theater and film classes are also planned here. A total of 32 classes are planned, about 65 pedagogues should work in the school.

Perkūnkiemi, Pavilnionių st. 25, a pro-gymnasium is planned, which will be able to be attended by about 650 first-eighth graders. Architects are recommended to design premises focused on natural sciences as transformable spaces where practical, experimental activities can be carried out. It is expected that the school should have two sports halls of different sizes, as well as an event hall. It is proposed to design an extension with a 25-meter-long training pool on the plot. 65 teachers could work in the Perkūnkiemi pro-gymnasium.

In Balsiai, on Aušrinės street, we are waiting for ideas for a 280-place nursery-kindergarten with a small swimming pool, which would be adapted for use by children up to six years old. Designers are offered to fill the common spaces of the kindergarten with attractive and educational means, making use of the floor, walls, and ceiling, with the help of interior details.

In Šnipiškės, on Kernavės Street, the kindergarten will be located on the site of the canceled garage array. A partially closed kindergarten area will be formed here. 280 children from 3 years old to preschoolers will be able to attend the 2-3-storey nursery-kindergarten. It is suggested to the designers to separate the spaces of the street and the kindergarten yard, adapt them to the needs of local residents, and use greenery. It is expected that a sports playground with a special shock-absorbing surface can be additionally designed, which could be used by a wider part of the community outside of the institution’s working hours.

Proposals can be submitted within three months, the authors of the best ideas will be awarded bonuses: the first place winner will receive 11,000 euros, the second – 9,000 euros, and the third place – 6,000 euros.

According to the municipality, the winners of the first architectural project competitions announced by “Vilnius Development Company” have also already been chosen: The competition for a nursery-kindergarten in Pashilaičiai, Žemynos street, was won by “Panevėžys statybos trestas”, together with joint venture partners “4 plus”, which presented the project idea under the name “Lego”. On Bieliūņu street, Perkūnkiem, the project competition for the kindergarten was won by “Project Preparation Office” and “Inblum” architect studio.

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