Residents should not be alarmed by the red markings on tree trunks in the City Garden

Residents should not be alarmed by the red markings on tree trunks in the City Garden
Residents should not be alarmed by the red markings on tree trunks in the City Garden

– Are not too many pines and other trees in the city garden of Alytus planned to be cut down?

– On August 23, the Alytus Region Forestry Supervision Department of the State Forestry Service issued a notice to the Alytus City Municipality Administration of the manager of the State Forests, user, about the intention to cut the forest no. 42205124 (the notification is valid until 12/31/2022). According to this, selective sanitary cuttings are carried out in the City Garden, the implementation of which is coordinated with the Alytus-Marijampole territorial division of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.

In the city garden, 12 dry pines, 2 dry chestnuts, 3 dry rowan trees and 2 dangerously leaning acacias on the path will be cut down and the broken branches of one pine tree will be pruned. The works are carried out by Stebulė UAB.

– The people of Alytis are worried about the red markers, are there really more than the listed trees planned to be cut down in the City Garden?

– We would like to inform you that according to the contract concluded with the administration of the Alytus City Municipality, UAB “Želdyno vizia” is currently carrying out the inventory and accounting service of green areas and plantations located in the territory of the Alytus City Municipality. Greens and plantations are inventoried by collecting detailed data on the type of vegetation, species composition of the vegetation, area, data on the amount of vegetation, age, height, diameter, condition, management measures.

All trees planted in the city garden will be accounted for, indicating tree diameter up to 12 cm and exact diameter for diameters over 12 cm, as well as more valuable shrubs. The purpose of the inventory and accounting of green spaces and green spaces is to collect, summarize and publicize data on the species composition, areas, parameters and condition of green spaces and green spaces, to enable the use of this data in planning and designing green spaces, planning protection, maintenance and management, assessing the compliance of green spaces with legal acts for established standards of greenery and determining the change in the condition of greenery and greenery.

When carrying out an inventory service, UAB “Želdyno vizia” marks trees with red markers on tree trunks in its work for more convenient data processing. Residents should not worry about the red markers on tree trunks, because according to them, trees cannot and will not be felled, as there is no legal basis for this. After carrying out the inventory, a report will be prepared, which will assess the condition of the plantations, indicate the means of their management and the motivated (objective) reasons for this.

– And the replanting works are being carried out in the City Garden?

– 20 Scots pines were planted in the City Garden this spring (which are still growing in the City Garden). During the renewal of the central square with the fountain, 20 large olive bushes were planted.

In accordance with the City Garden management project, a garden was revived in the City Garden near Pulko street – a total of 12 units of hawthorn and pear trees in decorative form were planted. The privet hedges around the quiet recreation areas have been renewed.

– Where is the wood placed, how much money goes into the city budget?

– According to the contract for the purchase of management and maintenance services for the parks, forest parks, beaches and Nemunas coasts of the municipality of Alytus and the infrastructure located in them, the service provider UAB “Stebulė” pays the municipality for the produced wood according to the issued invoice. To the budget of the city municipality in 2021. EUR 9,268.90 was received for the produced wood, in 2022 EUR 5,233.18 has been received so far.

Prepared Aldona KUDZIENĖ

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