The final of the Gravel Challenge is coming to Marijampole

The final of the Gravel Challenge is coming to Marijampole
The final of the Gravel Challenge is coming to Marijampole

Gravel Challenge competitors are divided in a time-honored order based on drive axles, not manufacturer or engine capacity: AWD, FWD, RWD, SPORT, OC/Free classes.

Each class will have 3 runs. One run consists of three laps of the track. The sum of the results of the 2 best runs will be calculated in the class standings. Before the rides, there will be 3 familiarization laps for the whole class.

In the third stage of the “Gravel Challenge” season, participants will compete on the autocross track not only for the best shown time and cups, but also for prizes established by the sponsors for the fastest and fastest. This is what promises real drama on Sunday, because in some classes the gaps between the rivals in terms of driving times are really small and all kinds of changes can happen in the competition.

Nature can also present surprises, because the Marijampolė autocross track is extremely characteristic. In dry weather, dust rises here and even car tires squeal, but the slightest rain makes the track extremely slippery. Then the right choice of tires becomes the main trump card.

Of course, the competitors fighting for the prize positions are prepared for both scenarios and have brought several sets of different tires to Marijampolė. The All Wheel Drive (AWD) car class will start the race first.

The list of participants is not exhaustive, it is constantly being filled, so there is still an opportunity to register and participate in the competition. It is possible with the list of participants get acquainted hereand the registration form can be found here.

More information about the upcoming event can be found on Facebook.

VIDEO: The second round of the 2022 Gravel Challenge

The start of the event and the start of the first car is scheduled at 9 o’clock. The event is free for spectators. The Marijampolė autocross track is located on Gėlyno St. 26, Marijampole.

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