glass art exhibition “Look for an apple” opens

glass art exhibition “Look for an apple” opens
glass art exhibition “Look for an apple” opens

As many as 29 windows facing the street became showcases of glass art at the exhibition. From September 23, it will be possible to see the stained-glass windows of the artists Remigijaus Kriukas, Indrės Stulgaitė, Eglė Butkutė, Laura and Pauliaus Rainiai, Audronė Andriulevičienė, Valda Verikaitė, Irina Peleckienė, Dovilė Lukoševičiūtė, Eglė Rakauskaitė, Rūta Lipaitė, Žydrūnas Mirinavičius and the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. student works.

“We could have invited more artists, but the number of windows suitable for the exhibition ended,” said artist Julija Janus, initiator of the glass art exhibition, ambassador of the Glass Quarter, curator of the “ARTerija” gallery.

According to her, the spirit of glass art has been living in this place in Vilnius for several centuries. Since 475 years ago, the ruler of Lithuania and Poland Žygimantas Augustas allowed the establishment of the first Vilnius glass manufactory in the quarter. Since then, the quarter has become a place of glass production and sales.

In the spring of 2022, the last glass-stained glass gallery closed its doors in the Glass Quarter. Its former place is still marked by the inscription “Vitražo manufaktūra” on the house on Stiklių street 6.

“It seems that the culture of glass in this place will stop this spring, but the community of the quarter would not want that, as we are trying to keep glass and traditions in our quarter as much as we can,” said J. Janus, ambassador of the Glass Quarter.

In the summer, an installation by the artist P. Saulėnas was hung above Stiklių street – large crystal-shaped objects that appreciate the cultural heritage of stained glass. The second part of the “Vitrum” exhibition by Mr. Saulėnas was also displayed in the windows of the former Stained Glass Gallery – quartz sand – the original glass material photographic panels are displayed in light boxes.

“With this installation, we wanted to remind you about the disappearing glass culture,” explained J. Janus, the curator of the “ARTerija” gallery.

The apple is the symbol of the Glass Quarter’s birthday this year. The apple is also reflected in the logo of the exhibition. Stickers with a bright green square apple on the windows of the block mark the places where the artwork is displayed behind glass or inside. The QR code on the sticker will reveal the title of the work and its author. Square green apples also mark places where you can buy glasses or try apple dishes. The “Look for an Apple” joint exhibition will last the whole month.

Rita Keršulytė, the co-owner of the oldest restaurant “Lokys” in the quarter and a member of the board of the community association of the quarter, is convinced that the atmosphere of hospitality is a distinguishing feature of this city quarter.

The community decided that an apple could become a sign of autumn hospitality. During the birthday weekend, the restaurants and shops in the neighborhood prepare baskets and bags of apples, the most wonderful local fruit, for guests. Apples will also appear on the menus of restaurants and cafes in the quarter.

“In our restaurant, you will be able to taste the adaptation of the Lithuanian manor recipe – roe deer steaks with fried boletus and burnt apples,” said R. Keršulytė.

“Stiklių” tavern will present a completely new dish – venison steak, which will be served with apple rub, caramelized apples and cabbage stewed in apple juice.

Apple pie with hazelnut ice cream is prepared for those with a sweet tooth. Artisans is baking an apple mousse cake, Bistro 18 is making a crumbled honey cake with ice cream and caramel, Nick & Nora is whipping up a cocktail that will be called Old Fashioned Apple Pie, and Pulpo Tapas Bar is making a Spanish sangria with apples.

Hygge, a Danish lifestyle salon located in the Glass Quarter, will present Danish designer glassware at the exhibition. “Carol Home”, a house of Scandinavian interior details, is also the ambassador of hygge – a cozy lifestyle in Vilnius.

“Hygge philosophy helps to create happiness from what is at home. Our designer vases and glassware are also intended for coziness,” said Kotryna Čikinaitė, co-owner of the store.

Salon of vintage items “Šapokliak” will display elegant French countess crystal glasses, collectible hand-made glasses, and glass Christmas toys in its showcases.

“Glass likes good lighting,” said one of the birthday organizers, artist J. Janus. – Sometimes the rays of the sun make the works of art displayed in the showcases invisible. Instead, the best time to see the exhibits is in the evening, when the sun disappears behind the roofs of the houses. At that time, the installation of the artist P. Saulėnas, hung above Stikliaus Street, glows most beautifully.”

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