Doctors of Kaunas clinics taught about 70 government employees first aid

According to Gabrielė Mickutė, one of the initiators of the event, a resident emergency medicine doctor at Kaunas Clinics, the more people who know how to perform first aid and initial resuscitation, the safer it will be for every member of society to live.

“Following each other’s example and seeing that more and more people know how to give CPR, maybe others who are still delaying will find the motivation to learn it, so that in the event of an accident, they will know how to act,” G. Mickutė said in a press release issued by Kaunas clinics. .

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“It’s never too late to learn the basics of first aid, and while we wish we never had to use these skills, we don’t choose our circumstances.” What we can choose is a fraction of our time today, so that tomorrow we can help someone else – a relative or a casual passerby. And we will all be safer if such an example becomes contagious”, said Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balchytytė.

Linas Darginavičius, head of the Kaunas Clinics Emergency Department, pointed out that sudden cardiac death outside the hospital is still one of the main causes of mortality and disability worldwide.

“When sudden death occurs, the first minutes are especially important, because every minute that passes reduces the chance of survival by 10 percent. Therefore, it is very important, if a person nearby collapses or loses consciousness, not to panic, call an ambulance and perform initial resuscitation. Timely first aid can save another person’s life”, noted L. Darginavičius.

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Doctors remind that if you notice a collapsed person, you should immediately call an ambulance by calling 112.

“Also, while waiting for emergency medical help, initial resuscitation should be started by performing chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 times per minute,” L. Darginavičius explained. – If there is an external automated defibrillator nearby, ask other people to bring it and perform electrical defibrillation if necessary.”

The specialization of emergency medicine doctors in Kaunas clinics is care and treatment of acute conditions. The doctors of the emergency medicine clinic provide assistance to acutely ill members of society not only during their direct work, but also by actively engaging in educational activities on the topic of first and emergency medical aid – they conduct training for the public and doctors from other fields.

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