The first such evaluation of Lithuanian chicken in history: “Vilnius Poultry” became a member of the prestigious club

Outstanding rating

Aviagen, a US-based company, is one of the world’s leading bird breeders. It unites only those poultry farmers who meet the high quality requirements of this sector. Therefore, according to “Vilniaus paukštyno” General Director Darius Gudačiauskas, joining this elite club marks the recognition of the achievements and long-term work of the company he leads.
“Joining the Aviagen Ross 420 Club is natural, as we have been improving farming performance for many years to provide consumers with meat from birds that never get sick and only the highest quality products.” This is a global assessment for the chain of closed Lithuanian farming uniting as many as 20 farmers. Its essence is the welfare of the animals and the quality of the products at all stages, from the parent flocks to the final product,” said D. Gudačiauskas.

The standards achieved by “Vilniaus poukštyno” correspond to the European production efficiency factor 420 (EPEF – European Poultry Efficiency Factor). This means that broilers are raised in the poultry house with the highest standards of health, growth rate and feed intake.

These achievements opened the door for the Lithuanian company not only to become a member of the “Aviagen” club, but also to participate in the “Ross 420” forum. In it, the world’s leading poultry producers and specialists share their experience and innovative ideas for the future. Producers from Lithuania can draw knowledge from such countries as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden, which are famous for their old poultry farming traditions and chicken quality.

D. Gudačiauskas

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“Today, seeing the uncontrollable feed and energy price crisis, we are happy to witness these amazing results achieved by our client, Vilnius Poultry. These achievements of “Vilnius Poukshtyno” are a great example of how the genetic material we supply can reveal itself best if the poultry breeder implements and ensures animal welfare”, commented Aviagen representative Hannu Tiuttu.

Achievement is the result of joint work

Saulius Petkevičius, Head of Breeding at “Vilniaus paukštyno”, also claims that membership in the prestigious club of poultry breeders proves that chicken grown in Lithuania surpasses the high quality bar set by the genetic company “Aviagen”. “This evaluation is like a litmus test to show that the birds in our aviary can reveal their full genetic potential. For this, we create excellent conditions for them, so the birds grow up healthy and are not treated with antibiotics”, says the specialist.

When asked what helped “Vilniaus poukštyna” to achieve such results, S. Petkevičius notes that they are determined by constant careful analytical work and the contribution of professional, highly qualified specialists. In addition, efficient farming and animal welfare are integral elements of modern poultry farming.

S. Petkevičius

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“We pay great attention to biosafety and disease prevention – we invest in infrastructure and employee training. With the help of installed smart farming tools, we continuously monitor the health of the birds, record and analyze the received data, and make operational changes to ensure the needs of the birds’ well-being. For example, we can quickly notice whether the lighting in the places where the birds are kept is properly selected and the structure of the feed intended for them and, if necessary, improve our work”, says the interviewer.

According to him, over the past year, without using antibiotics, “Vilnius Poultry” managed to grow the amount of poultry meat needed for the whole of Lithuania. The most important factor determining this success is a closed farming cycle and Lithuanian farmers who raise birds exclusively for the company and work according to its quality standard.

D. Gudačiauskas

D. Gudačiauskas

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“We have parent flocks, an incubator and a feed factory in our group of companies. This allows us to fully control the results of farming at all stages, to concentrate on the health of day-old chickens and their impeccable quality”, says S. Petkevičius.

Promising future prospects

The Breeding Manager of “Vilniaus poukštyno” emphasizes that high production quality and animal welfare are the future of the entire poultry sector. Aviagen’s recognition for consumers confirms that “Vilniaus paukshtynas” already grows and produces chicken in compliance with these standards.

“Animal welfare is one of the main criteria by which consumers choose chicken and its products. The results of various surveys show that people often do not trust whether producers really ensure animal welfare. Therefore, our joining the worldwide club of bird breeders shows that we adhere to the highest standards. We convey the message to buyers that they can trust both our company and the poultry breeding system we use and the products we produce,” says an experienced specialist.

D. Gudačiauskas

D. Gudačiauskas

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In addition, the European production efficiency standards applied to Vilnius Poultry are useful even today in the face of the raw materials and energy crisis. According to S. Petkevičius, innovative solutions help to reduce the record-growing production costs.

“We can also save heating and electricity costs by using resources appropriately. Thus, our goal is to offer consumers healthy and efficiently raised chicken. We are making every effort to make this high-quality product as accessible as possible to buyers”, S. Petkevičius, Head of Breeding at “Vilniaus paukštyno”, shares his thoughts on the benefits of joining Aviagen.


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