Autumnal “Iki” confectionery news: from classic flavors to healthier alternatives

Autumnal “Iki” confectionery news: from classic flavors to healthier alternatives
Autumnal “Iki” confectionery news: from classic flavors to healthier alternatives

From gourmet “Iki” cakes to donuts, healthy breads

“Our chain has long been famous for the quality of French baked goods. We want customers to find the widest possible variety of confectionery and baked goods closer to home, which is why we update our range twice a year. In the middle of September, we present confectionery products of recipes carefully developed by a French pastry chef, inspired by the flavors of the cold season – nuts, cinnamon, tangerines. In addition, we paid a lot of attention to the composition of baked goods. For example, for those looking for healthier baked goods, we also offer desserts without added sugar, lactose, wheat flour, and bread made from dried vegetables,” says the communications manager of “Iki”.

Cold season “Iki” cakes are perfect not only to decorate the table of special holidays, but also to enjoy with a cup of tea.

T. Lauvray says that when creating a line of new baked goods, the needs of “Iki” customers and health trends are always taken into account, so in order for everyone to find the right baked goods for themselves in one place, the range is replenished with an extremely wide range of various delicacies in autumn.

“This autumn, Iki customers are presented with eye-catching novelties in different tastes, smells and colors. The new assortment of “Iki” desserts is complemented by four special cakes, two types of cakes and pastries – one with pistachios and raspberries, the other with a rich chocolate flavor. Bun lovers will also get surprises: from now on, “Iki” is offered to customers brioche buns with banana and cottage cheese filling, for those who like spicier flavors – ham and cheddar cheese. Another novelty of “Iki” is crumbly dough donuts with mandarin filling, braids with cinnamon, even three types of bread,” said the pastry chef of “Iki”.

Rich flavors and colors

Confectionery news should especially please cake lovers – the masterpieces created by the French confectioner are characterized not only by a particularly delicate appearance, but also by extraordinary, rich flavors.

“Iki” cakes of the cold season are perfect not only for decorating the table of special holidays, but also for enjoying with a cup of tea. Cakes are new, and will appeal to lovers of fruity, fresher flavors as well as classic, brighter flavors. The first news is the red orange puree cake. This dessert is also perfect for those looking for healthier dessert alternatives. It is made without added sugar, wheat flour, lactose. The base of this cake consists of a mild-tasting rice flour biscuit, red orange puree cream, lactose-free cream,” said the confectioner of “Iki”.

Another novelty is a coconut cake made with coconut sponge, cream and Philadelphia cream cheese, strawberry and raspberry puree jelly. Lovers of classic desserts will love the chocolate mousse cake “Versalis”, whose rich chocolate taste is combined with a refreshing lemon cream. Another surprise awaits chocolate lovers – milk chocolate cream cake with tangerines, which is made of cocoa sponge cake, milk chocolate and hazelnut mousse, cheese cream, flavored with tangerine puree.

“Up” photo

“Iki” confectionery news list includes not only original cakes, but also several types of cakes and pies. One of them is poppy cake, seasoned with cream and condensed milk cream, decorated with whipped cream and poppy seeds. Citrus lovers will be delighted by the cake decorated with tangerines and strawberries. It is based on biscuit flavored with sugar syrup, cream, kefir cream with mandarin filling.

Healthy “Iki” news for bread lovers

For those who are looking for healthier alternatives to bread, T. Lauvray has even prepared some news.

“Bread is a baked product, without which the daily shopping basket of Lithuanians is unimaginable. In order for every bread seeker with an authentic taste to have a choice of their favorite bread, we have prepared as many as three novelties. One of them is an alternative to the classic French baguette – whipped bread with seeds. This bread is characterized by a naturally sweet taste, malt spice and an elongated French baguette shape. Another protein keto bread – meets the principles of the keto diet. Most of the ingredients of this bread consist of proteins and fats, and it also contains a large amount of seeds,” said the confectioner of “Iki”.

Another innovation of “Iki” is a healthy vegetable bread that will give sandwiches a special taste, which is made using a variety of dried vegetables. Starting with carrots, beets, tomatoes and ending with onions, parsnips and refreshing dried parsley.

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