Six simple tips to save electricity in autumn and winter: make sure you do everything

Six simple tips to save electricity in autumn and winter: make sure you do everything
Six simple tips to save electricity in autumn and winter: make sure you do everything

“During the dark season, we spend more time at home, in front of TVs and smart screens. We communicate more on the Internet, watch movies, cook, and warm up using heaters, which naturally leads to higher electricity consumption,” says Asta Vaituleviče, Head of the Energy Efficiency Program of Ignitis Group.

According to her, not paying attention to the proper use of devices, in order not to waste electricity, can thin the wallet as needed.

According to the Lithuanian Statistics Department, the lion’s share of electricity – as much as 84.1 percent – is consumed by the average household for lighting and electrical appliances. It is true that the group of electrical appliances includes the entire household (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.), while a much smaller proportion goes to food production, hot water preparation and home heating with electricity. However, according to the representative, the proportion of electricity consumed by lighting and electrical devices shows that we have a lot of room to save, that is, this area can be directly adjusted by changing our behavior habits.

“The most important tip for saving money is to start by reducing energy waste by using as much energy as you need. It is also useful to pay attention to the energy class of the appliances in the house. If there are financial possibilities, in the long run it is extremely worthwhile to replace them with more economical and efficient devices”, advises A. Vaituleviče.

According to her, in order to save money, it is useful to start analyzing the electricity consumption data at home at least once a month and monitor the changes.

You can find out how much electricity a household consumes, how it is compared to the same period last year and with a similar group of consumers, on the ESO self-service website – even those houses that have not yet installed smart electricity meters can do this. The “Consumption History” tool created on the ESO self-service website allows you to see the results of savings or identify failures of household appliances (especially when electricity consumption increases without doing additional activities).

Currently, ESO is installing smart metering devices in residents’ homes. So, in the long run, all residents of Lithuania will be able to monitor daily, weekly or monthly electricity consumption trends, compare them with households of a similar size and find advice adapted to a specific situation on how to reduce electricity waste.

6 tips on how not to waste electricity

Create optimal lighting. If, with the arrival of autumn, there is not enough daylight, use local or spot lighting. Reading a book on the sofa, and suddenly it started to get dark? Turn on the floor lamp. Want to work at a desk? Turn on the desk lamp. Once you get into the habit of using point lighting, you will use much less electricity.

Use more energy-efficient light bulbs. It has been calculated that if you change ordinary light bulbs to LEDs in just one room, you can save 50 or more euros per year. Be aware that lower wattage bulbs are sufficient in the hallway and basement. It is advisable to use lights with motion sensors to illuminate yards and staircases.

Choose more economical appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, electric ovens – check whether the energy consumption of these appliances meets your savings needs. Maybe it’s time to buy more economical devices? Refrigerators and freezers in general are among the most energy-consuming appliances in the home. They will use less energy if placed away from direct sunlight, stove or heating appliances. Get into the habit of not putting hot or warm food in the fridge, as the fridge will use extra energy to cool the steam.

Unplug unused devices from the electrical outlet. Electrical appliances connected to the network, just like those left in standby mode, use electricity continuously. If you want to save money, disconnect unused devices from the network. It is easier to form such a habit if electrical outlets are installed in a convenient and easily accessible place. Whenever you can, whether using your phone, computer or tablet, turn on the power saving feature. In this way, the battery will last longer and you will have to charge it less often – you will save money.

Dust your electronics regularly. If you don’t already know, dust is one of the biggest enemies of efficient household appliances. First, dust prevents appliances and electric motors from working efficiently. Secondly, they complicate the ventilation and cooling systems of devices. Third, over time, dust can become the cause of failure. Therefore, regularly clean the dust from the computer, TV, light bulbs, electric heaters, etc

Analyze and control your energy consumption. By monitoring and analyzing your electricity consumption, you will have the opportunity to constantly know how much it will cost you, and also to see in practice the benefits of electricity saving measures and tips.

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