Will not rise again from the bottom of the group: Lithuania did not beat the Faroes in the League of Nations again

Will not rise again from the bottom of the group: Lithuania did not beat the Faroes in the League of Nations again
Will not rise again from the bottom of the group: Lithuania did not beat the Faroes in the League of Nations again

A draw in this match destroys Lithuania’s theoretical chances of rising from the bottom of Group 1 of Division C.

It is true that the last place does not guarantee relegation to the weakest division D, for a place at a higher level you will have to fight with one outsider of the C division. This survival duel will take place in March.

On Thursday, Reinhold Breu, who replaced Valdas Ivanauskas, made his debut as the national team’s strategist, who also holds the position of technical director at LFF.

The Faroese footballers won 2:1 in the summer match between them.

In LFF Stadium in Vilnius, the Lithuanians were only satisfied with the victory, but in the 22nd minute, the visitors had to enjoy the opportunity: after a standard situation, the head hit accurately Jakups Andreasen (0:1).

Even after the goal, the representatives of the Faroes were in no hurry to retreat towards their goal. Rivals posed a particularly big threat to the Lithuanians after standard situations. 35 minutes the Lithuanians were lucky that after the excellent combination of the visitors, the ball did not rush into the goal of Džiugos Bartkaus for the second time.

41 min. Done by Slivka sent the ball into the opponent’s goal, but the referee’s assistant recorded it as offside. However, after the VAR review, the field referee changed his colleague’s decision and credited V. Slivka’s goal (1:1).

After the break, the content on the field hardly pleased the fans of the Lithuanian national team. It seems that the victory was not needed for the hosts, but for the guests, who created a much greater danger at Dz. Bartkus gate.

67 min. the Lithuanians were lucky again that Klaemintas Olsen missed the ball after a great pass.

In the second half of the half, the strategist R. Breu threw young Artūras Dolžnikovas and Titas Milašias onto the field, who replaced Justas Lasickas and Paulias Golubickas.

In the last minutes, the Lithuanians became more active, but they failed to hit the corner for the second time.

Not to mention, Justas Lasickas and Linas Klimavičius will not be able to help the national team due to the yellow cards they received in Luxembourg.


Lithuania 1 – 1 Faroe Islands

22′ (0:1) Jakups Andreasen

41′ (1:1) Done by Slivka

The starting line-up of the Lithuanian national team: Džiugas Bartkus, Saulius Mikoliūnas (87 min. Rolandas Baravykas), Linas Klimavičius, Edvinas Girdvainis, Dominykas Barauskas, Linas Mēgelaitis (46 min. Modestas Vorobjovas), Vykintas Slivka (60 min. Domantas Šimkus), Paulius Golubickas (76 min. Titas Milašius ), Arvydas Novikovas, Justas Lasickas (76 min. Artūras Dolžnikovas), Fedoras Černychas.

In reserve: Edvinas Gertmons, Ignas Plūkas, Artemijus Tutyškinas, Benas Shatkus, Natanas Žebrauskas, Deividas Dovydaitis, Tomas Kalinauskas.

Goals: 41 min. Vykintas Slivka (Lithuania); 22 min. Jakups Andreasen (Faroe Islands).

Warn: 56 min. Justas Lasickas, 65 min. Edvinas Girdvainis, 72 min. Linas Klimavičius, 75 min. Domantas Šimkus (Lithuania).


In the next group match, Turkey hosted the Luxembourg national team at home, the productive match ended in a 3-3 draw.

Until tonight, the national team had lost all the matches of this tournament.

September schedule of the Lithuanian national team:

September 25 (Sunday), 9:45 p.m. Luxembourg – Lithuania

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