The Chechen, who wanted to enter Lithuania without a visa, was hand-carried back to Belarus by the border guards

The Chechen, who wanted to enter Lithuania without a visa, was hand-carried back to Belarus by the border guards
The Chechen, who wanted to enter Lithuania without a visa, was hand-carried back to Belarus by the border guards

According to the report of the State Border Committee of Belarus, the incident took place on September 20. At the border point of Privalka (Raigard point from the Lithuanian side). It is said that video cameras recorded how a car of Lithuanian border guards approached the border line. The Lithuanian officers dragged the man out of him and simply left him lying on the road, having “fed” him with a couple of kicks.

Due to the person lying on the road, traffic to Belarus was blocked for some time.

Finally, the “deportee”, as the Belarusians called him, crossed over to the Belarusian side. During the interrogation, it turned out that he is a Russian citizen.

The Belarusians also persuaded them to come

Giedrius Mišutis, representative of the State Border Guard Service said that such a non-standard event did indeed take place, but the Belarusian side does not quite honestly cover it.

According to the VSAT representative, a couple of days ago a Russian citizen of Chechen origin (born in 1980) came to the Raigard border control post from Belarus on a bicycle.

“He did not have a visa, he came only with a passport. Belarusians somehow missed it. However, our officials cannot admit a person without a visa, so an official refusal to admit him to Lithuania was written, the person was informed that he will have to return to Belarus”, said G. Mišutis.

The foreigner who wanted to go to Lithuania did not agree with the decision of the border guards. According to the VSAT representative, he simply fell on the floor in the officers’ premises and stated that you can do whatever you want with him, but he needs to join the European Union and he will not get up, he will not leave, he will stay where he is.

“It was a normal healthy man, conscious, no health problems were recorded, and he didn’t complain himself. If there were suspicions that a person’s health was impaired, an ambulance would be called for him. Now he just lay on the floor and claimed that he would not get up,” said the representative of the border guards.

It is said that our officials persuaded the man to get up for quite a long time, convinced him that no one would let him into Lithuania anyway. But nothing worked and the man continued to lie on the floor, insisting that he would not get up.

“The situation is not standard. So he was simply lifted in his arms and taken to the police car. Our officers informed the Belarusian side that such a situation exists and that an unauthorized man will be brought to the border line soon. Belarusians were informed about everything,” said G. Mišutis.

The Russian citizen was taken out of the car at the border line and laid down.

“And what else can be done in such a situation? His bicycle was placed next to it. The Belarusians no longer show in the footage how their officers approached. Our people heard how the border guards of the neighboring country also persuaded the man to get up and assured him that he would still not be allowed into Lithuania. After lying down a little longer, the man finally got up and took the bicycle and went with the Belarusians,” said the representative of VSAT.

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