An exhibition presenting unique exhibits of the Ukrainian army has opened in Kaunas Culture

“The exhibition we are opening today is another way for Lithuania to support Ukraine, which fights resolutely and persistently every day, to once again loudly say that we are proud and admire the courage and perseverance of all the people of Ukraine and its armed forces. We also encourage everyone to draw comprehensive strength from the pages of Ukrainian history. Those stories that Putin is so persistently trying to deny,” said I.Šimonytė at the opening of the exhibition.

According to her, Lithuanian solidarity with Ukraine and support for it cannot decrease during the war, because this country is also fighting for the future of the entire democratic world.

“No matter how long this war continues, I believe that the most important thing is not to get used to it, not to get tired, not to stop and constantly remind each other that Ukraine is fighting for all of us and the future of the entire free democratic world, that our solidarity, support, real and much-needed help cannot to decrease for a moment”, said I.Šimonytė.

Representatives of both Ukrainian and Lithuanian institutions emphasize that this is the first exhibition of exhibits organized by a country defending itself from Russia after the country was granted the status of a candidate for the European Union.

“It is symbolic that this exhibition is Ukraine’s cultural and museum debut in the European Union just after Ukraine acquired the status of a candidate for European Union membership,” said I.Šimonytė.

The director of the museum, Rita Malinauskienė, said that the exhibits of the exhibition arrived in Lithuania exactly at the time when the decision was made regarding Ukraine’s candidate status.

“This is very important for us,” the XXI a. foundation, which contributed to the exhibition, told journalists before the event. Ukraina” founder and patron of the exhibition Bogdanas Gubskis.

He said that this exhibition was opened in Kyiv a year ago. Its exhibition was interrupted by the Russian attack that began in February, and the exhibits were evacuated to Lviv.

“This is an exhibition dedicated to Ukrainians who fought for Ukraine’s independence from the Russian Empire a hundred years ago,” said B. Gubskis. “It is also intended for those who are now defending our country against Russian aggression.”

According to him, many unique exhibits can be seen at the exhibition – 175 of them came from museums located in the United States, including Ukrainian uniforms from 1917-1921.

Photo by Eriko Ovcharenko/BNS/Exhibition “Ukraine is forever free!”

Lithuanian Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas called the exhibition a symbol of the unity and freedom of Lithuania and Ukraine.

“Our task and goal is to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are fighting a very difficult battle and not tire of supporting them, supporting them until victory. And this exhibition is a symbol of our common struggle, giving meaning to both our cultural and military cooperation, united aspiration for Ukraine to be free forever”, said the minister at the opening of the exhibition.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Lithuania Petro Bešta, who participated in the event, also emphasized that the international community has gathered to support Ukraine since the beginning of the aggression.

“We have strengthened the international coalition to support Ukraine, including military, financial, economic and humanitarian aid,” the minister said at the opening of the exhibition.

Photo by Eriko Ovcharenko/BNS/Exhibition “Ukraine is forever free!”

Director of the memorial complex of the National Museum of Ukrainian History in the Second World War Yurijs Shevchuk said that this is the first exhibition with exhibits that the museum has prepared since the beginning of the war.

“We want to show that we are part of the European cultural field,” said the head of the museum. – We know that the war is not only taking place on the battlefield, but also on smartphones and social networks. We understand that this is not only a military conflict, but also a struggle for democratic and cultural values.”

Lina Kasparaitė-Balaišė, head of the Department of Military History of the VMU War Museum and coordinator of the exhibition in Lithuania, said that the exhibition is unique in that the exhibits are collected from a dozen institutions: 12 in Ukraine and five in the United States of America.

“The exhibits tell about the 1917-21 Ukrainian struggles for freedom, which show that Ukraine has always sought to be free,” said the coordinator.

“The exhibits are interesting because the story is constructed through the soldier’s uniform: it will be possible to see the uniform of the Ukrainian soldiers, their elements and a very unique album – almost 200 drawings depicting the uniforms and their colors,” said L. Kasparaitė-Balaišė.

There are about 250 exhibits, she said, most of which came from museums, libraries and educational centers of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States.

Certain uniform details and a compass came from the archives.

The main focus of the exhibition is on the 20th century. Ave. For the history of Ukrainian army uniforms. The exhibition aims to pay tribute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the main guarantor of Ukraine’s independence, emphasizing the connection between the modern generation of defenders of Ukraine and those who fought in 1917-1921. In the struggle for independence of Ukraine.

The exhibition exhibits attributes of the Ukrainian army of the beginning of the 20th century, revealing little-known pages of interwar Ukrainian battles.

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