New poetry books of the Writers’ Union Publishing House – for the anniversary “Poetry Spring”

New poetry books of the Writers’ Union Publishing House – for the anniversary “Poetry Spring”
New poetry books of the Writers’ Union Publishing House – for the anniversary “Poetry Spring”

Jurgita Jasponytė “The universe sits in the wrong place”

Jurgita Jasponytė, while putting poems together and thinking about the third collection, called “The universe sits in the wrong place”, says that she realized that the process of settling through books has already taken place. And now something else is waiting.

With her first books, J. Jasponytė tried to ground herself, to “attach” herself to the place. The titles of previous collections of poems also reveal this: “Shaltupė” (2014) and “Vartai Auštrieji” (2019). Both books were noticed and appreciated by both readers and critics – they won prizes and made it to the top five of the campaign “Book of the Year”.

Artūras Valionis “References | Just in case”

Artūrs Valionis’ new book of poetry “Snānašos | Because of all the evil”, according to the author, he is starting a new creative phase after 2021. published poetry collections. In this book, the creator adheres to his motto – not to repeat yourself or others.

In the author’s belief, poetry cannot be read “practically”, that is, it cannot be evaluated by the criteria of practical utility, it is not so much “behind” and/or “above” the household, but rather “next to” us. Such situations are tried to be discerned, noticed and concentratedly reflected in the poems. This book is complete, without ballast, all written in 2023.

Poet, prose writer, translator A. Valionis made his literary debut three decades ago with poems in the cultural press. Published seven books (five books of poetry, a collection of poetry and (in electronic format) a book of short essays). The innovative work of A. Valionis received a response and was appreciated by both readers and fellow writers and critics. The author’s poetry books have won various prizes, were chosen by experts as one of the twelve most creative books, five of the “Book of the Year Selection” campaign.

Ramutė Skučaitė “A moment is enough”

Ramutė Skučaitė, a classic of Lithuanian poetry of the oldest generation, among all other awards, was awarded the National Culture and Art Prize, writes for children and adults, translator, publicist, playwright, author of many poetry books. Several generations of readers have grown up with the author’s poems, which are read, quoted, sung, and recited from memory.

in 2021 the author celebrated her honorable 90th anniversary, but she has not lost her creativity, she continues to create poems full of talent and artistic inspiration. Such are the texts of R. Skučaitė in the manuscript of the new book “A moment will suffice”. Calm intonations and unobtrusive wisdom, the ability to see beauty and show it to another person, talking about living and inanimate nature, household objects – all this was and remains a strong part of R. Skučaitė’s poetics.

About her new collection of poetry, the author says: “I could start explaining what is enough for that moment… But then it would no longer make sense to present the future publication in detail. Although there is no introduction, here is only a little explanation and, perhaps, purely thematic…

First of all: I’ve already gotten used to “decorating” my collections of poems with, as it were, interludes, sometimes with pieces of prose, sometimes with poetic but non-verse texts, or to give the roles of interludes to the lines of unwritten, therefore unfulfilled, poems.

And in the poems, it seems to me, rightly or wrongly, that moment of our life is felt, in which there are truths, real and incomplete, but the past still lives in them, which has not been forgotten in any way. Maybe one reader will accept my past – a very far-reaching one – as his own, another – as a fiction in verse, and yet another, after reading the book, will choose a poem and find a new place for it in his experience.”

Julius Keller “Open eyes”

This is the poet’s seventeenth year, 2023. Laureate of “Poetry Spring” and 2022 The book of the author of the Yearbook, Julius Keller. In the collection “Atvirom akim”, Mr. Keler continues to playfully develop his poetics from various interacting contexts, creating a fabric of metaphors that reveal unexpected meanings. However, the most important context for him is the reality reflected in consciousness, with which a poet who wants to creatively capture the passing time has to contend. Cultural intertexts are interpreted here in a unique way, establishing unique meanings of the poetic world, in the words of the author, without “any exaggerated metaphysics”.

The book is photographic, cinematographic, each poem is like a frozen moment or frame. The poetic language is nuanced, clean, laconic phrase opens a sensitive lyrical space. The author draws his poetic map by resisting specific details, household, everyday life, the intimate relationship I-You, I-Other is extremely important to him.

“Why – with open eyes? After all, sometimes you want to, sometimes maybe it’s worth closing your eyes. In presenting this book to the readers, I tried to collect (squeeze into a handful like a grasshopper caught and hidden by a child) my best published and unpublished poems”, writes Julius Keleras.

Leonardas Gutauskas “Promised Land”

Leonardas Gutauskas (1938– 2021) is a famous painter and writer, laureate of the National Culture and Art Prize (2001), author of almost fifty poems, prose and children’s books, undoubtedly one of the most interesting and talented creators of our country. His work is distinguished by its original, associative storytelling technique, colorful characters, and volatile fantasy.

Leonardo Gutauskas’ son Tad, who is graduating in 2022, brought seven folders with his father’s unpublished poetry to literary critic Valentinas Sventickas. V. Sventickas chose “Promised land” from these folders. The author has indicated that it is 2003-2020. poems. Compared to other portfolios, according to V. Sventicks, “Promised Land” is the most complex, prepared as a full-fledged collection of poems. These are significant texts, and the answer to the question “What does significant mean?”, according to V. Sventickos, could be: “To remain in your memory, to resonate, to participate in your life.”

The watercolors of Leonard Gutauskas were used to decorate the book.

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