The number of seniors who have reached 100 years is increasing in Pakaunea


According to scientists, centenarians will probably no longer be a rarity in the future. According to them, by 2050 the world’s population over the age limit will be eight times more than it is now. Such a prediction is supported by the example of the Kaunas district: last year in the middle of October, thirteen seniors over 100 years old lived here, and now there are already eighteen.

Rich dove

In April alone, three residents in the Kaunas district celebrated a significant anniversary: ​​1. – Vita Rukuižienė, 16 – Steponas Lukošiūnas, and on the 17th – Zofija Mikalauskaitė-Jaruševičienė. Marijona Stašauskienė celebrated the 15th anniversary of her century a little earlier this year.

On May 1st, Zuzana Peckienė added to the list of centenarians of Pakaunea, and if fate decides, this year Marijos Aglinskienės will be added to it on July 8th, on September 10th. – Anas Kruvelienės, and on October 16 – Surnames of Petronėlė Janušauskienė.

Mostly – 104 years

Apolonija Ružionienė has the status of the oldest resident of Pakaunė, who on December 11 last year. turned 104 years old, the second oldest – Jonis Vaitkas – will probably turn 104 this year on September 14. Juzefa Dombauskienė already celebrated her 103rd birthday on January 1, and on October 29. Vytautas Jurskis will probably share the same birthday.

102nd May 4 turned Stanislava Urbonavičieni’s birthday, Petras Čiurlys (July 7th), Anelė Paužienė (July 29th), Vladas Guobis (November 16th) and Bronislava Ludzian (December 22nd) will probably enter such a year this year.

If fate decides, Zuzana Ališauskien will turn 101 on May 25, exactly one month later, on June 25, and Jadze Mieliauskien on July 11. – to Katerina Šidlauskiene, and to Veronika Biruta Adomaitiene – on December 11.

Time: M. Stašauskienė claimed that she did not even feel how 100 years had passed. / Kaunas district municipality photo.

Recipes for longevity

Scientists trying to decipher the secret of longevity studied which regions have the most longevity. These are the island of Okinawa in Japan, the island of Ikaria in Greece, Sardinia in Italy and two territories in the continents of North and South America. Scientists who interviewed the elderly living on the island of Okinawa identified the main seven factors of their lifestyle that determine longevity, which Professor Albertas Skurvydas summarized as follows: “There are no great miracles – you need to move enough, eat properly, not overeat, communicate, train your mind, constantly do something to strive, to want, to enjoy life.”

What do the residents of Pakaunea say about longevity when they reach their centenary? This is what S. Lukošiūnas assured: “100 years is not much, it just seems that way.” The senior living in Garliava has committed to live up to 120 years!

Raudondvarietė J. Dombauskienė looks amazing for her age and still goes out for a walk with her daughter. It is true that the distance that women walk is slightly shorter than three years ago. However, 72-year-old Nijole Kemežiene and her 103-year-old mother have to go down the stairs from the fourth floor and then climb up! It’s a great cardio workout.

Determination: S. Lukošiūnas undertook to live up to 120 years. / Kaunas district municipality photo.

“We didn’t live so richly that we could have eaten very healthily, although nobody talked about it at the time. We ate what we had. I remember, during the Soviet era, there was a time when meat was brought to the store once a week, 2 kg per person, so we, three sisters, went shopping with my mother to get more,” N. Kemežienė recalled. Her mother still gets up from the table before she feels full, in her opinion, the most important thing is not to overeat.

Last year, in the middle of October, there were three centenarian men and ten women who reached the same age in the village, currently there are five seniors and thirteen seniors.

Even when her hearing was still good, it was not acceptable for J. Dombauskiene to chat with her neighbors while sitting on a bench, but she liked to communicate with her relatives very much. Now, when you don’t hear, you prefer to pray in your room. “Now for my mother, prayer is her main job, apparently God keeps her in this world, because such people are needed,” said daughter Nijolė.

J. Dombauskienė was a teacher who worked for many years and reached retirement age. She loved her work, her children, and the children loved her. Before the lessons, a group of elementary school children would wait and compete to see who would get the teacher’s hand and bring her to work. Even if he said a harsh word, scolded, he never held his anger.

Ilgaamže still has a sister, two of her three daughters. “My sister and I are already of the same conscription age: my sister is 80, I am 73. If we complain to our mother that something hurts, she just waves her hand and says: “You’re still young”, she doesn’t understand that we can also get sick”, laughed N. Kemežienė.

Another Raudondvaris resident, M. Stašauskienė, who was included in the list of centenarians this year, when asked what her recipe for a long life was, advised: “Don’t drink, don’t get nervous, don’t be jealous, be happy with what you have.” She assured that she didn’t even feel how 100 years had passed.

Worker: Z. Jaruševičienė was engaged in needlework and embroidery all her life. / Kaunas district municipality photo.

“Good thoughts, good mood and a positive attitude towards the world. You need to be happy with your children and grandchildren, forget bad things, not be attached to wealth and enjoy peace. Then life is brighter and better,” 101-year-old V. Guobis revealed his secret to longevity. He is very fond of simple home-cooked food, until recently he used to cook soup every day, he reads every day, watches TV shows, is interested in what is happening in the world, and strongly supports “Žalgiris” during every basketball match. This village of Teleičius The resident of (Garliava surrounding area) has never had bad habits, he is always very tactful, cultured and sociable.

According to relatives, work, nature, prayer, taking care of grandchildren and great-grandchildren helped 102-year-old S. Urbonavičiene to reach a beautiful age.

100-year-old J. Mieliauskienė still lives alone, goes shopping to the store. Last June, she prepared a feast for the representatives of the municipality who came to congratulate her. A long-time resident of Ežerelis, she likes to communicate very much: to receive guests and to visit herself. Until recently, he read without glasses, but now he spends less time on books, preferring to watch TV.

Endurance: J. Dombauskienė still goes for a walk, although she has to climb the stairs to the fourth floor when she returns. / Kaunas district municipality photo..

Interesting statistics

At present, the number of centenarians in the Kaunas district stands out in Garliava and Raudondvaris boroughs, which have three long-lived residents each, and Domeikava borough, where Z. Peckienė, who has just been added to the list of centenarians, and 102-year-old V. Jurskis live.

Last year, in the middle of October, there were three centenarian men and ten women who reached the same age in the village, currently there are five seniors and thirteen seniors.

It would seem that the rich April of this year, when even three residents added to the ranks of centenarians, is the month when most long-lived people celebrate beautiful anniversaries. It turns out that May and December are just as rich. December 11 is a special day, A. Ružionienė (104 years old) and VB Adomaitienė (100 years old) were born on it. July may be added to the rich months this year.

February and August are empty months in that sense, the other months have one old man celebrating his birthday, but September and October might have two each this year.

The birthdays of two long-lived people coincide with public holidays: J. Dombauskienė – with New Year’s Day, Z. Peckienė – with International Labor Day.

J. Mieliauskienė was born right after St. John’s Day, P. Čiurlys – after State Day. S. Urbonavičienė’s relatives congratulated her on two occasions this year: happy birthday and Mother’s Day.

Change: At the beginning of last year, J. Vaitkus lived alone in Sargėnai, which belongs to the city of Kaunas, and just before his 103rd birthday, he moved to his son Antanas in the Kaunas district. / Kaunas district municipality photo.

Life is worth a movie

The lives of all Pakuunė long-lived people are full of sorrows and joys. Z. Peckienė, who became a centenarian on May 1, is no exception. Domeikaviške’s life is worthy of a movie: she survived two deportations to Siberia, suffered many losses, but today she is happy with her life with her daughter.

Zuzana’s father Jonas was an orphan, raised by his stepmother. Later he emigrated to the USA, worked in the mines there, but later returned to Lithuania. Here he met his wife Agota, who was orphaned at the time. Three daughters and three sons were born one after the other in the village of Rumšiškii, in the village of Pašulii, Zuzana was the youngest among them. When he was at least half a year old, the head of the family died, and the mother raised all the children alone. Even now, the woman has a hard time understanding how her mother managed to survive and raise a group of children alone.

Z. Peckienė remembers both German and Soviet occupation, when she had to live in the forest for a week. Many Jews lived in her native village, so Zuzana saw how the Germans caught them and said they would shoot them. In 1944, she heard how soldiers of the Soviet army shot everyone who was in the Pravieniški camp.

Independent: J. Mieliauskienė still lives alone, goes shopping to the store. / Kaunas district municipality photo.

After the second Soviet occupation, two of her brothers went to join the partisans, and were later arrested: one was imprisoned in Russia for ten years, where he died, and there is no news about the other.

in 1948 On May 22, during the Great Deportation, Zuzana, her mother, sister and two children were deported to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. A year later, she and her classmate Albina decided to run away. “We didn’t have a map, but we weren’t afraid. We walked through the taiga, oriented according to the sun, to the west. We walked to Asin station for three weeks. We had passports because we didn’t surrender them when we were deported, so we could buy train tickets,” the old woman shared her memories.

Unfortunately, after returning to Lithuania, less than a year later, Zuzana was arrested and received three years in a camp in the Urals. There she met her husband, a former political prisoner convicted for his connections with partisans, Vytas Peckus, and got married. Zuzana gave birth to twins in Ural. He returned to Lithuania with his family when the children were eight years old. The Peck family settled in Domeikava by chance, because they were sheltered here by friends. He worked hard, worked a lot, built his own house in Domeikava, and his daughter was born here. Although there were beautiful moments, there was no lack of painful experiences: at the age of 27, one of the twins died in an accident, Zuzana’s mother died in exile.

The old woman worked on the farm all her life, she loved to grow flowers and take care of flower gardens. According to her daughter Dalia, with whom Zuzana lives in the same house that she built, at the moment her mother no longer has the strength for such work, so she likes to listen to “Marijas radio”.

Raminta Popovienė / Kaunas district municipality photo.


Raminta Popovienė,

Kaunas district vice mayor

Although the Kaunas district is one of the youngest municipalities in the country, we are no less proud of the fact that the number of senior citizens who have reached 100 years old is increasing in our region. This spring is special for our community, which has pleased many long-lived residents’ anniversaries. Enriching our society with their wisdom, great life experience and historical memories, centenarians constantly surprise us with their activity and bright mind. Although there was everything in their life paths: both great joy and the pain of loss, having patiently survived it, they still do not lose their optimism and love for life.

Kaunas district municipality photo.

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