Interdisciplinary artist L. Svirplys presents a satirical “Feast of Experiences” in Kaunas


For three weeks, Kaunas’s “Acropolis” event square has turned into a banquet hall: the interdisciplinary-experiential exhibition “Feast” by Lukas Svirplis begins to be exhibited here. As the author presenting the first solo exhibition tells, in the satirical, eclectic, absurd composition, the visitors will feel as if they have entered the stopped moment of a naked banquet.

“I invite you to sit down at the celebration, take a breath, dress yourself up and, if you want, dance. Guests will find different menus on the tables that will invite them to taste, stop, hang out. I would like everyone to experience this feast in their own way and for it to touch them personally and give rise to new thoughts,” says L. Svirplys.

At Puota, visitors can expect an exhibition with dishes, original ceramic products, fashion elements, paintings, scenography and perfumery – a fragrance created especially for this exhibition in cooperation with the Lithuanian perfume brand “maar”.

Some of the exhibits are created from old furniture panels, paintings and their frames, clothes, and fabrics brought back to life. “This exhibition is also an invitation to review your accumulated property, think about future purchases, give away, sell or, in the end, throw away what you no longer need,” says L. Svirplys.

In addition to consumerism, in the exhibition L. Svirplys also touches on such topics as double life, hedonism and egocentrism. According to the author, many parallels can be seen between the borrowed caste of the bald-headed people of the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Republic of the Two Nations and the modern man who cultivates his image.

“I think this parallel is very relevant, interesting and important because it reveals how much we strive for our public image and status. Modern people are constantly under pressure to have everything, experience, look good, and if they can’t afford it – live in debt, get in over their heads, lie, imitate… So we are like bald-headed people who still don’t have the ability to look powerful, rich, free, dressed up – the nobles of today. So maybe they never disappeared?…” – ponders the artist.

However, he emphasizes that he does not seek to reprimand, shock or sadden – on the contrary, he invites you to dare to look at yourself with humor, not to forget to play, enjoy, entertain, celebrate and feast.

L. Svirplys, who is organizing the exhibition at the Akropolis in Kaunas, says that it is a great space to talk about topics such as consumption and hedonism, in addition, the space of the shopping center, which is visited by many people, allows art to be presented closer to people. “Both consumption, buying new things, and the pursuit of pleasure are not harmful in themselves, but it is important not to go to extremes, to remain conscious. The mall is a great place to talk about it,” he says.

The free experiential exhibition “Puota” is on display at the Kaunas “Acropolis” event square until June 2.

The article is in Lithuanian

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