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Let’s rebuild St. John’s Church in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda – this is the invitation to the concert on Friday at Atgimimo Square, where various Christian music groups from Klaipėda, Šilutė and Tauragė will perform. The concert will start at 18:00 and will last until 22:00. The event will be hosted by brother Astijus Kungys and manager of “Meno artelės” Laura Šakurskytė–Žilinskienė.

Photo of the Museum of the History of Little Lithuania. /St. John’s Church in Klaipėda was demolished during the Second World War

Before the concert, Franciscan and Lutheran clergy will travel together on a symbolic path from the Old Market to Rebirth Square, stopping at the destroyed St. Jakūbos Evangelical Lutheran Church and Klaipėda Evangelical Reformed Church on Tiltų St., then turn towards the destroyed and reconstructed St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church plot, Turgaus st. at the end, next to John’s hill.

The last two stops are on Birža Bridge and Atgimimo Square, where they will start the concert “Let’s Restore St. John’s Church in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda”. During the entire procession, Franciscan and Lutheran priests and the community will pull a cart loaded with symbolic cardboard boxes of the future St. All Klaipėda residents and guests will be invited to purchase the bricks of St. John’s Church and thus donate them to the construction of the church during the concert. The collected funds will be allocated to St. John’s Church, which was rebuilt in 1945 after World War II. demolished by the Soviets. The procession will be accompanied by performances by Klaipėda Lyceum students.

Photo by B. Burač/St. View of the tower of St. John’s Church, 1930.

“The cardboard brick is a symbol of unity, solidarity and support of the Klaipėda city community. By purchasing this brick, we can express our solidarity with all those who seek to rebuild St. John’s Church. Our contribution will help raise St. John’s Church – the cathedral of the heart of Klaipėda city and to return it to the city center. We will be able to be proud of and enjoy the result of our joint work, which will serve our city community for a long time,” says brother Benediktas.

“We are glad that at St. The Franciscan brothers also joined the rebuilding of John’s church. We believe that with joint work and faith, with the open hearts of the people of Klaipėda, we will see St. John’s Church”, says Reinhold Moras, priest of Klaipėda Evangelical Lutheran Parish.


4:00 p.m. – a theatrical procession of Lutheran and Franciscan clergy and community

From Old Market to Atgimimo Square (stops on Tiltų St., Turgas St. near John’s hill, on Birža Bridge)

6 p.m. – concert “Let’s restore St. John’s Church in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda”

6 Christian music groups

The concert will be conducted by brother Astijus Kungys and the head of “Meno artelės” Laura Šakurskytė–Žilinskienė

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