KTU expert: the deployment of German armed forces in Lithuania shows a direct commitment to react immediately – AINA

KTU expert: the deployment of German armed forces in Lithuania shows a direct commitment to react immediately – AINA
KTU expert: the deployment of German armed forces in Lithuania shows a direct commitment to react immediately – AINA

At the beginning of April, it was announced that the first soldiers of the German brigade, of which there are more than 20, had arrived in Lithuania. According to the German publication “Die Welt”, the German authorities plan to order 35 Leopard 2 tanks of the latest A8 modification, which will be delivered to the German brigade in Lithuania strengthen

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) defense technology expert Andrius Vilkauskas says that currently geopolitics dictates the conditions – if you want to live in peace, you must be prepared for war.

According to him, this should be the natural state of our society, because relaxation usually does not lead to anything good – the ability to react proactively is lost, and the resources and competences are not accumulated to be able to do it effectively.

Commit to respond immediately

According to the KTU expert, the deployment of German armed forces in Lithuania shows the country’s attitude and commitment to its partners.

“When the forces are here, it means that there is also the disposition and readiness to react at the moment when it is needed, that is, to act from the first moment. All logistics and decision-making chains will be arranged accordingly so that the reaction is not within 2 weeks, but immediately, because any country will also take care of its soldiers”, says A. Vilkauskas.

According to him, it is very important that partner soldiers are deployed in Lithuania and neighboring countries, as this is a certain direct obligation to react immediately. Also, according to the interlocutor, this is one of the most important signs for Russia, China, and Iran that NATO is able to focus and act proactively.

The KTU expert notes that Germany has previously received deserved criticism for its “softness” and condescension towards Russia. According to him, with this decision, Germany shows very clearly that it is, above all, committed to NATO and ready to act immediately.

“I think this is a very important shift for Germany. Despite the fact that, in financial terms, Germany is a very large and important donor to Ukraine, sometimes it stops Ukraine and at the same time encourages Russia. So, this is one of the good and clear steps that shows that Germany seems to understand what is important for Europe, NATO and the whole world, and is committed to act”, shares A. Vilkauskas.

Will cover the current shortage of armed forces

The KTU expert emphasizes that, despite the fact that Germany is a large country, its army is currently relatively small. He continues that Germany faces the problem of recruiting soldiers, as do many EU and NATO countries. Consequently, the number of people with military training and readiness in the country is relatively small in terms of the country’s size and economic capacity.

“I think that this day is a very significant commitment of Germany as a state, not only to us, but also to themselves, considering its current situation. I believe that Germany will expand its armed forces in the future, but the transfer of the brigade is a very clear signal to other NATO countries that we are doing it, you should do it too”, shares A. Vilkauskas.

According to him, the tanks indicate that it will be a heavy brigade that will have the ability to conduct maneuver defense and, if necessary, counterattack. According to him, tanks are a very good defensive platform. In a sense, a single tank represents an element of a fortification system, such as a bunker, but the tank is mobile and can provide a capable and strong defense and, if necessary, the ability to move it quickly.

“Probably, Lithuania’s ability to purchase tanks was also taken into account. If we had more resources, it would be useful to have tanks, but I think the priority should come a little later. Germany, by bringing tanks, will partially cover this shortcoming of ours, at least in the near future, until we develop this capability ourselves,” says the KTU expert.

Lithuania’s military potential will increase by a quarter

The interviewer claims that with the arrival of German forces, Lithuania’s current military potential will increase by approximately a quarter.

“NATO forces have neither increased nor decreased, but the pieces on the chessboard have been rearranged. In this way, a different picture opens up. In the game of chess, everyone has the same pieces, but how you arrange them will be the end of the game. I think we made good moves and this gives us a certain advantage and strategic uncertainty for the opponent”, says A. Vilkauskas.

True, the KTU expert notes that, like Germany, Lithuania must also be ready to commit to its partners: “After joining the EU, it seems that someone will do everything for us, but we ourselves have to develop technology, military potential and, as people, be ready to fight and defend not only themselves, but also their neighbors or other geographically distant NATO countries”.

In Pašnekov’s opinion, Lithuania currently needs a rotating model of anti-aircraft and anti-missile air defense in order to have certain capabilities and rotating anti-aircraft systems in the Baltic region – at least for the period until we ourselves acquire more short- and medium-range air defense systems.

“Nevertheless, by expanding the air police mission, a permanent military air defense aviation component should appear, which, if necessary, would be ready to counterattack on a significantly larger scale and to deploy very quickly and protect the territory of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and partly Poland, ensuring the maintenance of the land route with Poland. For example, during Iran’s attack on Israel, most of the drones and cruise missiles were intercepted by warplanes. Aviation is a cheap and effective way against unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles,” explains A. Vilkauskas.

Future business opportunities

The KTU expert notes that Germany is one of the biggest industrial partners of Lithuania in Europe. According to him, there are a number of companies related to German investments in Lithuania.

“It seems that Germany will continue to expand investments in Lithuania and cooperate with Lithuanian companies,” he says.

According to the interviewer, Germany plays a very important role not only in Europe, but also in the whole world, in terms of the defense industry. For example, Rheinmetall is one of the largest defense technology companies in the world. According to the KTU expert, this means future opportunities for business.

Although currently the most active in the Baltic region is the USA, which has deployed large forces in Poland, according to A. Vilkauskas, this move by Germany is an excellent example for other countries, so that similar size units appear in Latvia and Estonia as well.

“The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO is a very big boost, because thanks to them the Baltic became NATO’s internal sea. Looking at the defense industry potential of Finland and Sweden and the technology they have, even without US or UK support, they could close the access to the sea to stop Russia with their fleet. The accession of these countries to NATO radically changed the logistics and support situation of the Russian military forces in the Baltic Sea region,” says KTU defense technology expert A. Vilkauskas.

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