Scary examination of children in Kaunas schools: like in prison

Scary examination of children in Kaunas schools: like in prison
Scary examination of children in Kaunas schools: like in prison

Such measures are taken during school inspections by officials after noticing that children often bring a stack of illegal items, including knives and electronic cigarettes. If the additional security measures prove successful in the pilot schools, security will be strengthened throughout Kaunas, reported LNK.

Nikita, who studies at the Kaunas International Gymnasium, is called to the teachers’ room on the suspicion that the boy brought illegal items to school. The gymnasium has hand-held metal detectors to check students. This is an example of how school personnel check whether things are hidden in backpacks or elsewhere. Now it has been decided to install metal detectors at the entrance to the school, like at airports.

The student says that such measures are redundant. “Humanity is lost, perhaps, more rules and you can’t talk, agree verbally, you need to (check) with a metal detector, etc. However, if it will be safer, that’s good,” said Nikita Zolotin.

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Other students say they will feel safer. “Maybe we will reduce that problem a little bit. And anyway, it’s really scary sometimes in the world, because there are also acts of terrorism. It might not really hurt,” said another high school student.

The high school principal says there can never be too much security. “When people come to schools, of course, they are registered, their identity is checked. Later, we will ask them to pass through the frame of the metal detector, as is done at airports, and we will check whether they are not bringing prohibited items,” said Erikas Griškevičius, director of the Kaunas International Gymnasium.

It is said that those who do not study and do not work at the school also come to schools, so metal detectors will help in checking outsiders as well. “Not only children, teachers and parents, but also interested people come to the school anyway. So in order to avoid possible misunderstandings, we will check those interested more carefully”, said E. Griškevičius.

Perhaps the biggest problem in almost all schools is electronic cigarettes. Neither children nor parents or anyone else will be able to bring anything like that to school. “Neither tobacco nor narcotic substances can be brought to schools, so we will check that. If you have prohibited items, we will ask you to keep them in your car or somewhere else and not take them with you,” said the director.

Some schools have metal detectors, others have more video surveillance cameras. There are 48 cameras in the Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium, but more will appear. The cameras will be connected to a common network, which will no longer be monitored by the school, but by the police.

Schools face the challenge of convincing parents why such measures are needed. “Attitudes are very different. It scares some people, they say it’s like in prison, or they ask what kind of school it is, if such measures are needed. Others agree because they know that there are all kinds of cases and world practice shows that accidents do happen. Of course, the first step should be the education of the community,” said high school director Danguolė Miškinienė.

Officials, who have been monitoring the situation around educational institutions for some time, suggested that security in schools should be significantly strengthened. “We had to do several inspections, of course certain things were found that a student really shouldn’t have at school,” commented Agnė Greblikaitė, Head of the Department of Community Officers’ Activities. What did you find? – We also found such things as electronic cigarettes, which are detected by a metal detector, we found so-called souvenir knives.”

We also found such things as electronic cigarettes, which are detected by a metal detector, we found so-called souvenir knives.

It is increasingly difficult for schoolchildren in Kaunas to hide from the authorities. Police use drones to check areas where they may be smoking or using something. “At the school’s entrance, near the school, some were very brave and smoked in the school yard. We can see that decreasing. Prevention works”, assures A. Greblikaitė.

The Education Department of the Kaunas City Municipality says that for now, metal detectors and other additional safety measures will be tested in several schools. If successful, they will be installed throughout the city. “The situation is changing, various narcotic substances are appearing, so we need to take measures to prevent them from being brought to schools,” commented Ona Gucevičienė, head of the Education Department.

The municipality of Kaunas will allocate about half a million euros for the renovation and installation of new cameras alone.

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