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Engineer Rybakovait. the northern gate of Liepoja. Photo by Dainius Labuis (ELTA / Zabolis Partners).

The winners of the Zabolis Art Prize competition for young artists have been announced at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA).

At the same time, the exhibition space of VDA Titanikas (Maironio str. 3) opened an exhibition of paintings, the theme of which is Everything is changing?.

The exhibition features 24 paintings, the best rated investments and investment fund management group Zabolis Partners in the traditional competition for artists.

At this year’s exhibition, we invite you to immerse yourself in various interpretations of talented young artists. Contest topic Everything is changing? encouraged painters to look at our world in a different way. Every box is a window to the artist’s soul, where personal experiences and universal truths intertwine, Jurgis Rubaeviius, partner of Zabolis Partners, is quoted in the message.

On another occasion, Alvydas abolis, founder and manager of the investment group abolis and partners, investor, philanthropist, will tell about the group’s initiative to announce a competition for young artists, that the group’s employees, thinking about how to make an impact on the city with small donations, discovered that young artists feel the least let’s confirm to the community that they are needed. This is how he started to cooperate with the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, established a scholarship.

When you’re an established artist, there’s everything else about you, but that’s the way to go. The essence of our project is to create hope, meaning for the young man that Vilnius needs his work. Another thing is that the competition involves the whole community of our group: we all choose the best ones, we are sick of them, said A. abolis.

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65 works were submitted to the competition, and they were evaluated by secret ballot by members of the Zabolis Partners community, members of the permanent competition partner VDA (lecturers Vita Opolskyt and Egl Karpaviit), director of The Rooster Gallery Jurgita JuospaitytBitinien, expert art critic Aist Marija Grajauskait, head of Contour Art Gallery Vilma Maianskait, exhibition sals Titanikas manager Vidas Pokus, Tumo gallery manager Martynas Tinfaviius, winner of the Zabolis Art Prize23 competition Gabija Pritkovait.

The commission selected 24 finalists, their works are presented at the exhibition, and the three best ones are awarded cash prizes. 1,500 euros for first place, 1,200 euros for second, and 1,000 euros for third place.

In place. the northern gate of Liepoja. Engineer Rybakovait. Photo by Dainius Labuis (ELTA / Zabolis Partners).

According to the commission’s decision, the first place went to VDA master’s student Indrei Rybakovaitei at work in the northern forts of Liepaja. According to the author, the place in Latvia has changed in terms of its functions, in terms of use, but the senses are active, because visitors seem to use this space for social life.

I felt that Liepoja’s forts changed not only physically after the start of the war in Ukraine, the bunkers seemed to come alive, filled with a menacing psychological trio, reminding us of what is happening all around us, I. Rybakovait is quoted in the report.

II place. Tea amines. Kristijonas Gurin. Photo by Dainius Labuis (ELTA / Zabolis Partners).

The commission awarded the second place to the painter Kristijonas Gurinas from Arbatin amin. By transferring the images to the photographic archive accumulated by his family, the artist somewhat breaks the line between photographic documentation and his approach to the privacy and personal nature of the depicted content.

In the picture, I refer to the oldest remaining photo of my family. For more than half a century, photography has been changing and disappearing physically over time. In parallel, the history of the family is also changing. If it is passed on from page to page, it will probably completely decay or change beyond recognition over time. And the painting depicts a teapot with amines, says K. Gurinas.

III place. You say summer
III place. You say Summer Kupreviit. Photo by Dainius Labuis (ELTA / Zabolis Partners).

The third place is awarded to Vasare Kupreviita, a third-year student of the painting department of VDA, for her work Sabi, composed of a metal plate Britishwhich became the symbol of the artist’s life.

According to the artist, when translated into Japanese, the word will be a time stamp.

This is a kind of changing portrait of me, is and will be created every day as long as I live. One part of the work is covered with used and slightly weathered metal plates, which will change color by themselves, and certain squares covered with graphite will shine when the sun rises or rub off, says V. Kupreviit.

In addition to the three prize winners, painters were encouraged to receive a commission or the sympathy of the Zabolis Partners community. They are awarded with commemorative gifts, some of them will have the opportunity to exhibit their works in various exhibitions.

The exhibition will be open until May 29.

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