Kaunas City Municipality Summer entertainment for several thousand Kaunas children: the start of registration is announced


More than 3 thousand the little Kaunians will have a memorable and meaningful summer. 29 educational, cultural and sports institutions and non-governmental organizations will take care of their quality free time from June to the end of August. Employment during the holidays is partially financed by the municipality, and activities and meals for children of socially sensitive groups are completely free. From May 15 registration will take place online: children.kaunas.lt.

Registration is coming soon

According to the calculations of the Kaunas City Municipality, additional free time employment will be provided for a total of 3,037 children and teenagers this summer. About a third of them are children of families living in a socially sensitive environment. Their camps and meals are fully compensated from the city budget. Some of the camps are also adapted for disabled people with high and very high special educational needs. Invitations to additional camps are planned to be announced in June.

As last year, one child can be registered for one camp. In order to ensure that parents dutifully follow the rules and that as many children as possible can have meaningful entertainment, it will be necessary to indicate the child’s personal code during registration.

The first camps will start as soon as the school year ends: for elementary school students – from June 12, and for seniors – from June 27.

May On the 15th from 9:00 a.m. parents will be able to register their children for the desired activities. Details are now available online: children.kaunas.lt.

“This is one of the most anticipated invitations for parents. Registration for children’s summer camps and activities attracts more and more interest from Kaunas residents every year, so the city tries to make more and more children take advantage of this opportunity. Experienced managers, coaches and teachers, I have no doubt, will do everything to give children only good summer impressions and beautiful memories through various activities”, said Aušra Papirtienė, a member of the Education, Culture and Sports Committee of the Kaunas City Municipal Council.

Eye-opening activities

Physical activity, tourism, art and culture, entrepreneurship are just some of the topics that will be featured in the camps prepared for students. The organizers will invite you to explore not only your native Kaunas, but also the surroundings of Klaipėda, Alytus, Zarasai, Varėna, Šakii, Birštonas, Prienai and Rumšiškii.

Campers can enjoy a wide range of active activities: swimming, football, basketball and other sports, sightseeing tours and hiking. Children will travel on rivers and lakes in kayaks and paddleboards, they will be able to try circus genres – juggling, balancing, aerial acrobatics tricks.

For those who want to lose their mind even during the holidays, educational activities, experiments based on STEAM principles, acquaintance with a variety of musical instruments, as well as creative trips to the cultural spaces of the city from different eras in Kaunas are planned.

Kaunas non-formal education schools will also offer meaningful classes – they will organize free 2-4 hours. educational programs of music, art, healthy lifestyle, technical creativity, ethnic culture and other areas. Classes will start from June 12.

Registration for the A. Žikevičius Safe Child School, National Culture and Pupil Technical Creativity Center camps will take place in institutions. Information about the activities planned here is published on the school websites.

Integration camps

Kaunas Deaf Youth Organization invites hearing impaired students to camp. Education on emotion recognition, expression, stress management and self-expression is planned for them. They deepen communication and cooperation, conflict resolution and social skills.

This year, a unique five-day camp will be held for the pupils of the “Aitvaros” school of Kaunas detention center-correctional house. The aim is to help incarcerated young people change their lifestyle, discover their talents, hobbies and direct them to the path of righteousness. Camp participants will be counseled by a qualified psychologist, an officer will give a lecture on citizenship, and a person who has overcome this path will share his story of overcoming addictions.

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