After the preview of the LP – the verdict of the concert organizers


As LP fans were preparing for the March 4th concert in Kaunas “Žalgiris”, singer Laura Pergolizzi (known under the pseudonym LP) caused a scandal on social networks. She was happy with the gifts from Russia. As a result, Lithuanians were outraged and called to cancel the concert. The organizers of the LP’s performance in Lithuania responded to this by issuing a press release.

The official statement of the organizers regarding the LP video in the social space states: “After the ambiguous video of the singer’s LP appeared on social media last night, we immediately turned to the artist’s management with a request to urgently clarify the situation. We want to emphasize that the Medusa Concert organizer strongly condemns Russian aggression and has always supported, supports and will support Ukraine. All the employees of our agency, just like the whole of Lithuania, are wholeheartedly with the war-torn country and its heroes, so the video that appeared on the Internet confused and angered us no less than other Lithuanian people.

A gift with which LP was clothed in her own thick, was presented to the artist during a meeting with fans. We believe that it was an open provocation of the fans of the country’s aggressor, because, caught in the emotions after the concert and sharing the video, the American did not even think that the date of the postcard coincides with the anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

The artist LP has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. After conversations with the artist’s management, it turned out that the artist is very sorry for her recklessness and regrets that she could have offended so many people without even thinking. Especially considering that LP has always been famous for sincerity, sensuality, empathy and unconditional love for everyone. The singer has never supported the country’s aggressor and wholeheartedly supports Ukrainians. That’s what she said videowhich was uploaded tonight after realizing his mistake.

Therefore, together with the singer Laura Pergolizzi (LP), the organizer of the concert “Medusa Concert” sincerely apologizes to everyone for the artist’s obvious mistake and wishes Ukraine victory!”

R. Knabikas does not see LP’s malicious guilt in the situation

Due to public outrage and calls to cancel the concert, contacted the organizer of the event and distributor of tickets “Medusa concert”. The head of the company, Remigijus Knabikas, revealed that he sees provocation, says that the performer had no malicious intentions and talked about whether the event will take place.

According to R. Knabik’s opinion, the sports sweater with Russian symbols was given by LP fans during the “meet and greet” event – an exclusive meeting of the artists with fans after or before the concerts. According to the organizer, it could have been a well-thought-out provocation.

“She understands perfectly well that she caught them there,” said R. Knabikas, speaking about the singer’s own reaction to the scandal that broke out on Monday evening.

Thanks to the people of the Baltic countries and war refugees from Ukraine quickly appeared on LP’s social network accounts.

According to the Medusa concert representative, the fact that the date of the third anniversary of the war in Ukraine is on the card she received from fans is also not a coincidence.

“The postcard she showed was signed on February 24. Yesterday was the 26th. It’s hard to say when she got the card, whether it was yesterday, the 25th, or the 24th. It is very suspicious, it seems a very big coincidence that on the postcard it is exactly the 24th “, said the representative of the concert organizers.

There are no plans to cancel the concert yet.

“No, we have no reason for that. There are agreements with the performers,” said R. Knabikas.

He added that he does not see the malicious guilt of the LP in the situation – it does not support the war in Ukraine, as well as the Russian government or its decisions. According to the Medusa concert representative, the artist simply expressed her gratitude to her fans.

“Everyone understands that it was not on time and it should not have happened,” said the interlocutor.

According to R. Knabik, the fact that they are Americans, far from the war that is frightening Europe, prevented LP and her team from assessing the situation correctly.

“They’re not Europeans, they’re Americans, they don’t catch on here,” he said.

Photo of the organizers.

As a reminder, LP shared videos on social networks late Monday evening in which she is seen wearing a sweater with a ship decorated with the colors of the Russian flag and the words “LP Russia Official”. The artist was happy to have a large group of fans in Russia, so this sweater is their gift.

In one of the videos shared by the artist, the postcard received with the gift can be seen.

Instagram stop shot.

“This is the jumper I ordered for you as a gift from our fan club for the 2020 tour that never happened. Who would have thought… Life is not the same anymore, but luckily love lasts longer. This sweater can’t sit in storage forever. I think it’s about time you had one. May he surround you with warmth, make you feel cozy, especially when the weather is bad,” reads the card signed by fan Olga.

The date of signing the postcard stands out – February 24, when the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was commemorated.

On Monday, the singer shared a new video from Copenhagen, where she said that she loves her fans all over the world, so she can’t wait to perform in the Baltic countries. The singer deleted the previous videos and photos in which she was happy with the gift of fans from Russia from social networks.

“I am so proud and grateful to my fans around the world. I know that there are many Ukrainian refugees in the Baltic countries and I want my Ukrainian fans to know how much I support them, I have always supported and love you,” said the artist.

  • After the preview of the LP - the verdict of the concert organizers
  • After the preview of the LP - the verdict of the concert organizers

Instagram stop shots

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