The organizers do not promise to cancel the LP concert in Kaunas: what is the basis?

The organizers do not promise to cancel the LP concert in Kaunas: what is the basis?
The organizers do not promise to cancel the LP concert in Kaunas: what is the basis?

The general director of Remigijus Knabikas told the news portal that there is no reason to cancel the LP concert planned in Lithuania.

“What is the basis for canceling the concert?” Just because she met Russian fans? Of course, such actions are definitely not at the right time and place. Here, people react strongly, but you have to understand that the Americans are detached, they simply do not understand what our situation is. “LP did not express any support for Russia, it just got caught up in emotions with a supposedly beautiful story,” said R. Knabikas to the aforementioned portal.

Delphi reminds that “Zalgiris Arena” on the social network “Facebook” on Monday night spread the news about possibly changed plans regarding the US star’s LP concert in Kaunas. It turned out that the famous singer possibly has connections with the aggressor country Russia or is simply not interested in important events in the world – a few days ago, the second anniversary of Russia’s terrorist war in Ukraine was commemorated.

The “Žalgiris” arena drew attention due to the information that appeared in the public space about the singer’s LP’s possible relationship with the aggressor country.

“We are currently clarifying the situation with the organizers of the concert and, if the information is confirmed, we are ready to cancel the planned concert of the artist at the “Žalgiris” arena. We will provide more information and comments in the near future,” the arena’s Facebook account reads.

The performer uploaded a video to Instagram in which she poses wearing a sweater decorated with Russian attributes. She also shares a handwritten letter from a fan (dated on the anniversary of the war in Ukraine), in which Olga from Russia says: “This is a sweater that I ordered as a gift from our club for your tour in 2020, which never happened. Who knows… life is not the same now. But, thank God, love lives longer. I can’t keep this sweater in my basement any longer. I think you must finally have it. May he envelop you in warmth.”

The concert in Russia was supposed to take place on Monday, February 26. Such information is also available on the page of the Russian ticket distributor.

After some time, the artist removed the photos and shared a video from Copenhagen, in which she says to the camera that she loves all her fans, all over the world, and that she can’t wait to perform in the Baltic countries, but did not say a word about the fact that she might have made a mistake by supporting terrorist Russia with her photos and actions .

“Hello and greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am very proud and grateful to all my fans, all over the world. I know there are many Ukrainian refugees in the Baltic countries, I want to tell the Ukrainian fans how much I support and love you. Can’t wait to see you soon, thanks for your support, bye!” LP says in the video.

Delphi tried to contact regarding this situation, but unsuccessfully. When we receive their comments, we will add to the article.

The LP concert is planned for March 4. in Kaunas “Zalgiris” arena.

LP or Laura Pergolizzi during her world tour, LP presents her latest, seventh studio album “Love Lines” and February-March. she plans to hold 24 concerts in 16 countries.

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