Is Amazon really ditching electric cars and going back to diesel-powered machines?


Will buy 20 thousand electric cars

Amazon is going back to diesel,” announced one Facebook user from Lithuania. – They say that electric machines “do not correspond to the service concept”.

She illustrated her words with a photo of the buses marked with Prime signs of the company’s service, with the phrase written above it in French: “Electric vehicles – Amazon is changing its entire Sprinter fleet to diesel.” “The electric drive does not correspond to the service concept.”

Screenshot from Facebook/Social media users spreading misinformation that Amazon is going back to diesel cars

Sprinter is produced by the German company Mercedes-Benz small commercial vehicle. From 2018 it is also produced with an electric motor.

After searching the Internet for information based on the first sentence from the screenshot, thrown away articles published last year that Amazon will increase significantly fleet of electric cars in Europethat in 2025 on the continent will be used more than 10 thousand electric vehicles that the company for independent couriers will order 20 thousand new Sprinter.

Articles with the phrases from the screenshot could not be found in any reliable media.

Reverse image searches results – similar: reports that Amazon will buy electric cars, not that it will go back to diesel ones.

Instead, search for information using keywords in English Diesel cars are back on Amazon”not one is thrown away articlewhich contains this information denied how liar.

in 2040 want to be completely “green”

The news about Amazon’s alleged decision and even the same screenshot with the company’s cars and French sentences were spread by users of various social networks in other countries: French speakers themselves (here, here, here), English (here, here, here, here, here) and German (here, here) languages.

Although it appears to be sharing an excerpt from an article by some media outlet, there is no indication of the source, such as a link to the article itself, who started sharing the information here.

Searching the internet for information using keywords in English “Amazon delivery cars electric diesel”there are no reliable media reports about the company ditching electric cars and going back to diesels.

Screenshot from X/Social media users are spreading false information that Amazon is returning to diesel cars

On the contrary, the text shows that the fleet of electric vehicles is being expanded.

Amazon Public Relations Manager Steve Kelly For US fact-checking website Lead Stories Confirmedthat the statements spread by Internet users are false.

He offered to familiarize himself with the information last October published on the AboutAmazon website. This text describes in detail how the company intends to reduce its so-called carbon footprint.

she is getting ready in cooperation with electric car manufacturer Rivian, until 2030 use 100 thousand such vehicles. So many machines was ordered still in 2019 At least 10 thousand electric cars already in use.

“In 2022 Amazon started using electric delivery vans in the summer and currently has more than 10,000 of them. across the United States,” indicates company.

In addition, it rolled out on the roads in Germany last year more than 300 electric carswho have joined thousands of others shipping goods purchased in this online store in Europe.

The company too ordered 1.8 thousand electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. For some longer journeys in Germany, cars are powered by diesel as recently as last year were replaced 20 electric Volvo tractors.

True, regardless obligation until 2040 to become a company that does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmospherethis goal is still a long way off.

Recently on Amazon lost support from the Science-Based Goals Initiative (Science Based Targets, SBTi). It was created by the United Nations to support plans to reduce its carbon footprint. Because the company allegedly does not fulfill its obligations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Reuters/Scanpix Photo/Amazon

Reuters/Scanpix Photo/Amazon

15 minutes verdict: lie. Amazon has denied information spread on social networks that the company is abandoning electric cars and returning to diesel ones. Their policy is just the opposite – to switch to electric vehicles.

The publication was prepared in 15 minutes in partnership with Metait aims to stop the spread of misleading news on the social network. More about the program and its rules – here.

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