There are big changes in the health system, and experts are not angry: “For an older person, it is insurmountable”


“One of the most important changes is seeing the availability of specialists, the patient could choose to wait or choose the services of another doctor, as well as the possibility of rescheduling the visit if the previous visit time becomes available,” says Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Niakšu.

In the redesigned Advance Patient Registration (IPR) system, users will be able to take advantage of new functionalities. One of them is the possibility to independently register in the queue for health care services, when there are no free places for a doctor’s consultation at the desired time. In addition, patients will be able to receive information about the possibility of rescheduling the visit to the doctor – they will be informed about this by SMS message to the specified contact phone number or e-mail. by post

Weaknesses in the system: what does the Ministry of Health have to say?

According to family doctor Tomas Kundrotė, updating the pre-registration with doctors only online leaves the elderly behind and increases the burden on family doctors who often register patients with doctors.

“For an older person, it is really insurmountable there. Even we, as specialists, let’s say, who can register a patient, face the same problems. I can’t imagine how an ordinary person can register somewhere,” she emphasized the shortcomings of the system.

Ministry of Health (SAM) portal said that this method of registration is not the only one. The ministry offers older patients the choice of registering online, by phone or at the facility, or perhaps asking relatives to register.

Relatives can also register an elderly patient. A family doctor can create a representation for another person on the specialist portal (e.g. a close relative who, after joining the IPR IS, will have the opportunity to register the represented person online)”. – commented SAM.

The specialist tried to register her relative with a doctor last Friday, but was unsuccessful. The new system took over, so I had to call the reception as usual. T. Kundrotė mentioned that even after calling, he had to wait 20 minutes before he got in touch.

“When I was just searching, browsing, it showed completely different doctors’ working hours than when I logged in as a person to the system to register more specifically. There are definitely still disturbances and malfunctions,” said the family doctor, adding that she hopes that the system’s problems will be resolved.

The Ministry of Health claimed that no malfunctions of the Advance Patient Registration Information System (IPR IS) were recorded in recent weeks, only on January 22on the 23rd there was a slowdown, but registration was possible. According to the Ministry, the system slowed down due to the implementation of new functions.

What updates are still waiting?

In order to ensure a smooth visit of the patient, reminders will be provided on the registration page that will allow you to properly prepare for the doctor’s consultation, for example, you will be reminded about the need to perform blood tests, drink a certain amount of water, not eat before the test or not use certain preparations. This information will also be sent with the general notification of successful registration for the doctor’s visit.

In the near future, it is planned to further expand the functionality of the IPR system: it will be possible to register for services that do not have an assigned doctor, for example, blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging tests, etc. home visits.

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