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That dream is to get the first tattoo, which Elena fulfilled in the “Lietuvos ryto” TV show “Pirmi kartai. 60+”.

64-year-old Elena Survilienė is often called a plant doctor by the students and staff of the Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, who revives even the most damaged herb with her magical hands.

Photo of Tomas Petrovskis/64-year-old senior citizen Elena Survilienė

Born in Siberia, the senior citizen graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in biology, and today she lives in the Babtė borough and teaches at the college here. As the woman herself tells, she felt a love for plants a long time ago, but she does not grow her own garden, being content only with indoor flowers.

“When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a doctor and treating people, but my life took such a turn that I treated plants. Personally, I don’t grow anything else, apart from indoor flowers, maybe I’m a nail, I teach others how to grow without growing anything myself, but I just don’t have such opportunities, I live in an apartment building, and a couple of beds under the windows is not a garden. However, in order to be busy, I resuscitate plants brought by sick friends, and I cure them with all the means I know,” the interviewer told the show.

After talking about her dreams and the first times she had not yet tried in her life, Elena spoke openly about her long-held desire, even hidden from her children, to get her first tattoo. According to the senior citizen, at her age it is not a whim dictated by fashion trends, but an inner call to give meaning to personal philosophy with a beautiful symbol.

Photo of Tomas Petrovskis/64-year-old senior citizen Elena Survilienė

“Children don’t know this dream, but I really want to get a tattoo – a lotus flower. It is a symbol of femininity, vitality, the lotus grows in swamps, puddles, but unfolds wonderfully, reflecting the inside, spirituality”, Elena argued her choice.

The founder of the Artatattoo salon, master Artūras Jasaitis, will help seniors to get their first tattoo, who admits that seniors visiting tattoo parlors are a rare case. What’s more, such a bold desire of the show’s heroine infected the host of the show Laura Balčiūtė with her example, and she also ended up in the master’s chair.

“As long as you have dreams – as long as you live and you have to pursue those dreams. They are bigger or smaller, more difficult or easier to implement, but even the most unrealistic dreams can be realized,” the elderly woman testified.

The program “First time. 60+” on Saturdays, at 5 p.m., on “Lietuvos ryto” television.”

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