prepared amendments to the law with lobbyists

prepared amendments to the law with lobbyists
prepared amendments to the law with lobbyists

However, the chairman of the Seimas Budget and Finance Committee (BFK), Mindaugas Lingė, assures that the parliament voted for “proposals prepared by lobbyists” and provisions that refer to a non-existent law.

“The Seimas decided not to support the self-governance regulation model of compulsory property appraisers proposed by BFK, but voted for the proposals prepared by the appraisers’ lobbyists themselves, which would legitimize mandatory membership in the House of Appraisers and try to keep the supervision of appraisers in their own hands,” M. Lingė said to Eltai.

“It is paradoxical that the Seimas voted for provisions that refer to a non-existent law. Since there is no such law, it will have to be prepared and discussed together with the reform package of mandatory property valuation,” he assured.

E. Gentvilas testified that he did not hide that the proposals were prepared together with the Association of Lithuanian Property Appraisers, but he noted that the laws of the country provide not only the possibility, but also the obligation to cooperate with lobbyists.

“I declared and declare that proposals have been prepared together with the Association of Property Appraisers. Let’s read the legislative framework law, the second article, and we will see that legislators must coordinate their positions with interest groups, etc. If someone wants to say that lobbyists are beasts, criminals, thieves and thugs, then my point of view is different,” said Eltai of the Liberal Movement. a representative

“Lithuanian laws provide not only the possibility, but also the obligation to cooperate with lobbyists. I cooperate. I could ask what led to such proposals presented by the Ministry of Finance and defended by my dear colleague Mindaugas Lingė”, he pondered.

The project presented by the Ministry of Finance contradicts the coalition’s program

The elder of the Liberal Movement faction of the Seimas emphasized that the proposal presented by the Ministry of Finance envisaged the creation of an association to which property and business appraisers had to join, which, according to him, would contradict the strengthening and development of professional self-government provided for in the Government’s program and the coalition agreement.

“There is a project presented by the Ministry of Finance, where no rights are given to interest groups anymore. The government creates some kind of association to which businessmen are told to join. “Professional self-government functions differently, the interest group itself and the businessmen representing it come together in an association”, asserted E. Gentvilas.

“The project submitted by the Ministry of Finance does not provide for the development of professional self-government. In my opinion, this contradicts the program of the Government and the coalition,” he explained.

The politician assured that the proposals registered by him, K. Starkevičius and other colleagues leave the opportunity for businessmen themselves to create an association representing their interests and performing their functions – the Chamber of Property and Business Appraisers.

“In the amendments I proposed, there is a reference to the future House of Assessors. After the adopted amendments, in order to be consistent, I registered the Law of the Chamber of Appraisers, which is also prepared together with the Associations of Property and Business Appraisers, and this was declared in my explanatory letter,” said the liberal.

“According to the model proposed by me, K. Starkevičius, Lukas Savicks and others, another professional self-government would appear, of which there are 22 or 23 in Lithuania, and would perform the function of self-regulation. The proposal of the Ministry of Finance is not about professional self-government. This is an illiberal, rather totalitarian, dictated instruction to property and business appraisers on how they will have to work and live,” he emphasized.

Amendments to the laws initiated by the Ministry of Finance in the Seimas, which change the regulatory model of asset and business valuation, were submitted in September of last year, and the discussion took place in December. The project envisages abandoning bureaucratic regulation and supervision of the appraiser profession, seeking greater transparency, data traceability and reliability of appraisal reports, promoting market self-control.

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