The man’s hands were burnt in the fire

The man’s hands were burnt in the fire
The man’s hands were burnt in the fire

On Friday afternoon, a fire broke out in the Fishing Port area of ​​the port city, in which one person was injured.

Firefighters rushed to Žalgiris Street at 1:16 p.m. They were informed that the fire broke out in an apartment on the fourth floor of the house.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, thick smoke was pouring through the windows of the apartment.

When the firefighters climbed up to this apartment with a car ladder, they saw a man, he could not leave through the door.

The rescuers opened the balcony door and took the man out to the balcony. In this way, he was protected from suffocation by combustion products.

At the time, other firefighters were cutting the metal door. Only when they managed to open them did the rescuers take a 42-year-old man out of the apartment engulfed in fire.

The ambulance crew was already waiting for him outside. The man burned his hands and inhaled the fumes. He was rushed to Klaipėda University Hospital.

The fire was soon extinguished, the kitchen of the apartment was the most affected, everything in it was burnt, there was a lot of smoke and other rooms of the apartment were flooded during the extinguishing.

The apartments on the third and second floors under the burning house were damaged by the water.

What caused the fire will still be investigated by the specialists of the fire rescue board.

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