The examination of the Lithuanian claim “Veoliai” is still suspended: the resolution of the arbitration cases is awaited


According to the data of the International Center for the Resolution of Investment Disputes, the verdict of the Washington arbitration on Veolia’s claim of 79 million is still awaited. EUR worth of compensation for investments in the Vilnius thermal farm.

“In 2023 November 16 by the adopted ruling, the court suspended the examination of this case until the arbitration cases are resolved”, Lina Nemeikaitė, assistant to the chairman of the Vilnius District Court, told Eltai this week.

in 2020 July. The Ministry of Energy filed a lawsuit in the Vilnius District Court against the companies of the Veolia group: Veolia Environnement, Veolia Energie International, Vilniaus energija and Litesko, as well as the concern Icor and persons related to these companies – Artūras Zuokas, Andriis Yanukonis and Lin Samuoli.

This case aims to prove that “Veolia” and “Icor” (then “Rubicon”) in 1999-2003 illegally obtained lease contracts for heat farms in ten Lithuanian municipalities and illegally profited from heat consumers.

Vilnius District Court, both in 2020 and 2022. refused to accept this claim of the Ministry of Energy. Such a decision in 2022. In June, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania also upheld the claim, according to which, although the lawsuit meets the essential features of public interest protection, as the damage includes not only the state’s but also the public’s interest, it should have been filed by the prosecutor and institutions authorized by law, not the ministry.

However, in 2023 In March, the Supreme Court of Lithuania decided that the Republic of Lithuania, represented by the Ministry of Energy, has the right to file such lawsuits. This claim was returned to the Vilnius District Court for consideration in April.

According to the Ministry of Energy, this lawsuit transfers to national courts the claims that Lithuania filed in 2017. had stated in a counterclaim filed against the Veolia companies in Washington arbitration. After receiving and evaluating additional documents during the arbitration proceedings, the amount of damage caused to the state, which is sought to be awarded, increased from 130 million. EUR up to 240 million euros.

Based on evidence collected by the Lithuanian authorities in the course of extensive investigations and evidence obtained from the Veolia group of companies pursuant to the orders of the Arbitration Court of the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, Lithuania claims that Veolia and Icor made illegal payments through their representatives to Lithuanian officials in order to rent a heat farm and acquired the lease contracts for the heat farms through corrupt actions.

Veolia initiated the case against the Lithuanian state in Washington arbitration in 2016, claiming that the actions of the Lithuanian authorities violated the provisions of the bilateral investment protection agreement between France and Lithuania.

“Veolia” initially sought to claim 118 million from the Republic of Lithuania in the Washington Arbitration. EUR, this amount was later reduced to 79 million after Veolia reviewed and waived part of the requirements. euros.

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