The most popular parking lot in the old town: icy, potholes everywhere –

The most popular parking lot in the old town: icy, potholes everywhere –
The most popular parking lot in the old town: icy, potholes everywhere –

Although the parking lot near the Tymos market is very popular with the residents, drivers sometimes lack profanity, especially during the winter. Residents complain that almost the main parking lot near the Old Town is especially potholed, and even icy during the winter, which causes not only inconveniences, but also potential emergency situations.

“On the one hand, we constantly hear from the municipality about sustainable mobility, but on the other hand, residents who want to continue their journey to the old town on foot have to leave their cars in a parking lot that not only does not have an elementary surface, but the potholes are so deep that you can simply lose your wheel, not to mention what happens when the dirt that accumulates there freezes. Of course, you still have to pay for all this,” says Ramūnas, a resident of Vilnius, met in the parking lot.

It’s hard to drive, it’s hard to maneuver, it’s easy to slip when you get out of the car – these are the words Vilnius residents use to describe the parking lot. Although it is already difficult to park in the parking lot because of the ice and potholes, Vilnius residents do it anyway, because there is no parking lot near the old town in a more convenient place and for a decent fee. The municipality, having received the residents’ observations, is in time to react.

“Parking lots are also sprinkled with salt or a mixture of salt and sand during the winter season, and when we received this matter we referred it to a contractor for additional sprinkling.” If possible, the potholes of the site will also be managed”, says Gabrielius Grubinskas, Media Relations Specialist of the Vilnius City Municipality.

Not only city parking lots are slippery these days. Vilnius residents should remain extremely alert, as a layer of ice forms on the sidewalks due to the constantly fluctuating air temperature and precipitation. Not everywhere has time to sprinkle sand or salt on the sidewalks, especially in the mornings. Therefore, Vilnius residents should walk carefully, especially in places that are not sprinkled with salt.

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