“Litexpo” parking lot will temporarily turn into a market – MadeinVilnius.lt

“Litexpo” parking lot will temporarily turn into a market – MadeinVilnius.lt
“Litexpo” parking lot will temporarily turn into a market – MadeinVilnius.lt

April 28 The “Big Luggage Market” will start for the first time in the Vilnius “Litexpo” parking lot – Vilnius residents and guests of the city will be able to trade, exchange or donate their unused items directly from the trunks of cars.

According to the organizers of the event, this initiative will allow participants to free up their closets and pantries, and thrift enthusiasts will be able to find vintage items that have left the market at good prices. Živilė Kurienytė, marketing manager of Festivus, the company organizing the event, says that the main goal of the Big Luggage Market is to reduce consumerism and inspire people to choose sustainable alternatives.

“Why hoard, keep in the closet or throw away an unused but good item when you can give it a second life?”, thinks the representative of Festivus.

According to Z. Kurienytė, people often mistakenly think that if they leave things, especially clothes or shoes, by the garbage containers, others will use them: “Usually no one uses the things left by the containers and they become waste that pollutes the city and does not really beautify the environment. Let’s not rush to throw away an unnecessary thing – let’s rather find a new home for it”, suggests Ž. Kurienytė.

According to the data of the “Vilnius waste system administrator” (VASA), in 2021 alone More than 11,000 such violations were found in Vilnius, when unnecessary items are left lying near the containers.

According to the organizers of the “Big Baggage Market”, people’s awareness is growing year by year and the idea of ​​sustainable consumption is becoming closer to Lithuanians. It is expected that the reuse of used items will become even more popular in the long run and help reduce the negative impact of consumerism on the environment.

At the spring event, it will be possible to sell crockery, household appliances, work and household items, books, clothes, jewelry and even telephones from useful car trunks. The participants will not only be able to sell, but also exchange or give away the items they bring. The event is also worth visiting for collectors looking for old records, cassettes, collectible badges, coins or other interesting specimens.

Families are also welcome at the market – parents with little ones can buy various goods for children here: from strollers, car seats to books, toys and clothes.

Artists from all fields who want to sell their creations, paintings, and handicrafts are also invited to sell at the trunk market.

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