In the library – a bank that accepts deposits with buttons –


A bank is being created in Panevėžys, whose deposits are not money, but buttons of various shapes, colors and materials.

The team of the Smėlynė library, which came up with this idea, plans to create an original accent for the city at the end of the year together with the depositors from the assets accumulated in the bank.

Unusual deposits

The head of the library, Lolita Pranienė, says that the idea of ​​collecting buttons was born during felting lessons.

A group of creative women gathered in them, and while their hands worked, conversations about books and handicrafts flowed.

“Word after word and the rain of thoughts sometimes turns into a downpour. Someone mentioned buttons. We caught that idea, especially since we would find buttons from the “maybe someday needed” series at home. I’m full of them too. Buttons are my favorite childhood toy. My mother used to say that she would leave me alone with the button box. We thought, why not create something interesting from buttons?” – says L. Pranienė.

When one visitor said how difficult it is for seniors now, and only banks are doing well, the idea of ​​opening a bank in the library was born.

Now those who come to it are encouraged to bring and place a “deposit” – unnecessary buttons.

“What size? There are no strict restrictions here. As well as interest,” the Smėlynė library advertises its bank.

“Deposits” are collected in a transparent vase, because, according to the presenter, the bank works transparently.

“We do not promise to return it, rather we will invite you to turn all the accumulated collective “contribution” into something beautiful at the end of the year, for example, a postcard or a Christmas tree toy,” the librarians say.

Buttoned deposits are stored in a transparent vase – as proof that “the bank works transparently”. P. ŽIDONIO’s photo.

Dewormed the entire “safe”

The first deposits have already been made to such a bank. Even – quite solid.

One reader, Jurga, is selling the entire “safe” – an old camera box full of buttons.

According to L. Pranienė, after starting to accumulate buttons, interesting facts about them started to open up.

It turns out that sagas appeared only in the 13th century. German writer Erich Marija Remarkas aptly described what an extremely necessary item it is.

“You can become an archangel, a fool, or a criminal, and no one will notice. But if your outfit is missing a button, everyone will notice,” wrote the literary classic.

And L. Pranienė herself says that now, even without trying, she started paying attention to the buttons.

“I walk through the Freedom Square and suddenly – the thought that I passed something. I came back – a lost translucent button is lying on the pavement. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have even noticed it, but now I picked it up and brought it to our bank,” the presenter laughs.

The tradition of nailing a lucky button to the wooden house in the central square in Ramygala has existed for more than a decade. P. ŽIDONIO’s photo.

Lucky buttons

Sagas has been one of the visiting cards of Ramygala, located 30 kilometers from Panevėžys, for more than a decade.

Just as tourists visiting cities throw money into their fountains, those who come to Ramygal rush to nail their own button to the legendary button house. It is said that staying here will bring good luck.

Aušra Volkovienė, who came up with the idea of ​​covering an old, uninhabited wooden house with buttons, admits that she had no idea that it would make Ramygala so widely known.

“You can become an archangel, a fool, or a criminal, and no one will notice. But if your outfit is missing a button, everyone will notice.”

EM Remark

The tradition of nailing a button to the house has been alive since the 2010s. That year, Ramygala was declared the cultural capital of Lithuania.

The community, which is expecting many guests, decided to liven up the not very attractive, uninhabited wooden house standing in the central city square, recognized as an urban planning monument, by decorating it with buttons.

Many Ramigališki collected buttons for such an idea.

However, it has become much more complicated to nail that many.

P. ŽIDONIO's photo.

P. ŽIDONIO’s photo.

Ramygala celebrity

A. Volkovienė remembers that local people, guests who came to Ramygala, and emigrants who returned to their relatives for a short time used to tie buttons on the wall of the wooden house.

“While exchanging those buttons, both locals and those who came from Spain, the USA, Great Britain” smiles one of the authors of the idea.

There were so many of those convicts that there was even a line at the button house.

How many of those buttons adorn the little tree now, no one would even count.

In this open-air gallery, the eyes dazzle with the variety of buttons. There are even visitors to the one-of-a-kind, sculptured ceramics residence “Savos svösos” founded by Laima Kiškienė in Ramygala, which is famous for its ceramics.

“We can see that even now those coming are making buttons. We really did not think that the button house would make Ramygala so famous”, says A. Volkovienė.


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